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Text #166

Kronk. Cometography: A Catalog of Comets. Series: Cometography. Vol. 1
[p. 19]

The Han shu (100) reports that this “tangle star” was seen in the middle of the “Chih-Yuan reign-period of the Emperor Hsiao-Chao.” This reign-period ran from -85 to -81, making -83 the likely date. The object “was seen at the west” by the palace servant Liang Chen Kuei and the astronomer for the prince of Yen named Wee Muh Ju. The object was in the eastern door of the T’ien-Shih Enclosure [Hercules, Serpens, Ophiuchus, and Aquila]. It passed Ho-Ku α, β, and γ Aquilae] and entered Ying-Shih [α and β Pegasi].” Wen Shion Tsu (1934) suggested this represented the -86 appearance of 1P/Halley, but gave an incorrect reign-period -87 to -83.

Sources: Han shu (100), 26:28b; PA, 42 (1934 Apr.), p. 193; Ho Peng Yoke (1962), p. 146; I. Hasegawa (1980), pp. 65, 92.

Text #167

Yeomans. Comets

83 BC (approximate year), China. A tangle star comet was seen in the west, east of Hercules. It passed near Altair and entered Pegasus.

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