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Text #1655

Pliny. Natural History. Series: Natural History. Vol. 1
[Plin. Nat. 2.31. Translated by H. Rackham. Harvard University Press. 1938. (10 Vols.) p. 243]

Again, several suns are seen at once, neither above nor below the real sun but at an angle with it, never alongside of nor opposite to the earth, and not at night but either at sunrise of at sunset. It is also reported that once several suns were seen at midday at the Bosphorus, and that these lasted from dawn till sunset. In former times three suns have often been seen at once, for example in the consulships of Spurius Postumius and Quintus Mucius (174 BC), of Quintus Marcius and Marcus Porcius (118 BC), of Marcus Antonius and Publius Dolabella (44 BC), and of Marcus Lepidus and Lucius Plancus (42 BC); and our generation saw this during the principate of his late Majesty Claudius, in his consulship, when Cornelius Orfitus was his colleague (51 AD). It is not stated that more than three suns at a time have ever been seen hitherto.

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