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Text #180

Yeomans. Comets
[p. 362]

974 BC. Spring; China.

A bushy star comet appeared in the north polar region. Ho (3) Pankenier (1983) notes that Ho’s date should read 963 BC and that a systematic four-year error in the reporting of events at that time assigns this event to 959 BC.

Text #181

Pankenier & Xu & Jiang. Archaeoastronomy in East Asia
[p. 12]

BC 974 Feb-Apr

19th year of King Zhao of Western Zhou, spring; a star became fuzzy in Ziwei.

Sources: Ho (3), [Zhushu jinian]

Text #9029

Editorial comment by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Apparently, in the 2008 edition of their book, Pankenier, Xu and Jiang decided to change the date from 959 to 974 BC.

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