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Text #1834

Kronk. Cometography: A Catalog of Comets. Series: Cometography. Vol. 1
[p. 31]

The Roman philosopher and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote Quaetiones Naturales no more than three years after this comet’s appearance. Seneca said, “this last comet ran across half the sky in only six months.” He added, “this recent comet started its motion in the north and passing through the west it arrived in the southern region and its orbit passed out of sight as it was rising.” Later, Seneca said, “The comet which appeared in the consulship of Paterculus and Vopiscus did what was predicted by Aristotle and Theophrastus: for there were very violent and continuous storms everywhere, and in Achaia and Macedonia cities were destroyed by earthquake.” The consulship of Paterculus and Vopiscus was in 60.

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