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Pliny. Natural History. Series: Natural History. Vol. 1
[Plin. Nat. 2.88--2.89. Translated by H. Rackham. Harvard University Press. 1938. (10 Vols.) p. 333]

88 New lands are also formed in another way, and suddenly emerge in a different sea, nature as it were balancing accounts with herself and restoring in another place what an earthquake has engulfed.

89 The famous islands of Delos and Rhodes are recorded in history as having been born from the sea long ago, and subsequently smaller ones, Anaphe beyond Melos, Neae between Lemnos and the Dardanelles, Halone between Lebedos and Teos, Thera and Therasia among the Cyclades in the 4th year of the 145th Olympiad; also in the same group Hiera, which is the same as Automate, 130 years later; and 2 stades from Hiera, Thia 110 years later, in our age, on July 8 in the year of the consulship of Marcus Junius Silanus and Lucius Balbus.

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Editorial comment by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

There are problems with the dates in this passage. The first date is pretty straightforward - 4th year of the 145th Olympiad = 197 BC. Then, 130 years later would be 67 BC and then 110 years later would be 43 AD. However, Marcus Junius M. f. M. n. Silanus Torquatus was consul in AD 19 with Lucius Norbanus Balbus, so we have an apparent discrepancy of 24 years. We can conjecture that the problem is due to copying error.

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