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  • Gamala (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #678146)
    Pleiades_icon Gamala settlement Geocontext: es Salam SYR
    Description: An ancient place, cited: BAtlas 69 C4 Gamala


Text #1932

Josephus. The Complete Works
[Joseph. BJ. 4.1.10. Translated by William Whiston. Christian Classics Ethereal Library pp. 1340--1341]



But then Vespasian himself came to his assistance against those that had fled to the citadel, and brought his whole army with him; now this upper part of the city was every way rocky, and difficult of ascent, and elevated to a vast altitude, and very full of people on all sides, and encompassed with precipices, whereby the Jews cut off those that came up to them, and did much mischief to others by their darts, and the large stones which they rolled down upon them, while they were themselves so high that the enemy’s darts could hardly reach them. However, there arose such a Divine storm against them as was instrumental to their destruction; this carried the Roman darts upon them, and made those which they threw return back, and drove them obliquely away from them; nor could the Jews indeed stand upon their precipices, by reason of the violence of the wind, having nothing that was stable to stand upon, nor could they see those that were ascending up to them; so the Romans got up and surrounded them, and some they slew before they could defend themselves, and others as they were delivering up themselves; […] the Romans slew but four thousand, whereas the number of those that had thrown themselves down was found to be five thousand: nor did any one escape except two women […] And thus was Gamala taken on the three and twentieth day of the month Hyperberetens, [Tisri,] whereas the city had first revolted on the four and twentieth day of the month Gorpieus [Elul]. 1

  1. According to 23 Tishri corresponds to October 20 in 67 AD, while 24 Elul equates September 22. The year 67 AD can be found in Wikipedia for instance:

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