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    Description: Herios fl. (Vilaine river)


Text #2854

Fredegar. The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar
[Fred. Chron. 11. Translated by John Michael Wallace-Hadrill. Oxford University Press. 1960 pp. 9--10]

In the thirtieth year of the reign of the aforesaid prince1, our Lord’s garment – the one taken from him during his Passion and drawn lots for by the soldiers guarding him, of which the prophet David said ‘And they cast lots upon my vesture’2 – this same garment was discovered by the revelation of Simon, son of Jacob, who, after various tortures lasting a fortnight, finally confessed that it was in a marble receptacle in the town of Joppa, near Jerusalem. After fasting for three days, Gregory of Antioch, Thomas of Jerusalem, John of Constantinople and many other bishops carried the garment on foot and with all piety to Jerusalem, enclosed in its marble receptacle, which had become as light as wood. They placed it with due ceremony at the spot where our Lord’s Cross was adored.

In this year there was an eclipse of the moon; and in the same year war broke out between the Franks and the Bretons on the banks of the river Vilaine.

  1. Guntramn [nE]

  2. Psalm xxii, 18; Vulg. Ps. xxi, 19 [OF]

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