Text #2862

Fredegar. The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar
[Fred. Chron. 24. Translated by John Michael Wallace-Hadrill. Oxford University Press. 1960 p. 15]

In the eighth year of his reign Theuderic had, by a mistress, a son called Childebert. A synod assembled at Chalons, which deposed Desiderius from the bishopric of Vienne at the instigation of Bishop Aridius of Lyons and of Brunechildis. The see was given to Domnolus. Desiderius was exiled to an island. This year, there was an eclipse of the sun; and this was when Bertoald, by birth a Frank, was mayor of the palace to Theuderic. He was a man of moderate ways, sensible and careful, but brave in war and always true to his word.

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