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Text #264

Kronk. Cometography: A Catalog of Comets. Series: Cometography. Vol. 1
[p. 20]

The Han shu (100) is the only ancient Chinese text to report this “sparkling star”. It says the object appeared “in the eastern quarter” sometime during the month of -60 July 24 to August 21. The location may indicate a morning sky observation. A. G. Pingré (1783) dated this object as -62

Text #265

Yeomans. Comets

61 BC, August, China. A bushy star comet was seen in the east.

Text #9727

Pankenier & Xu & Jiang. Archaeoastronomy in East Asia

1st year of the Shenjue reign period of Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty, 6th month; a star became fuzzy in the east.

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