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Text #6240

Jerome. "Chronicle"
[p. 279]

The Pantheon in Rome burned down by lightning.

Text #6241

Orosius. Seven Books of History Against the Pagans. Series: Translated Texts for Historians. Vol. 54
[Oros. 7.12.5. Translated by A. T. Fear. Liverpool University Press. 2010 p. 343]

Four cities in Asia, Elea, Myrina, Pitane, and Cyme along with two in Greece, those of the Opuntii and Oriti, were destroyed by an earthquake that also ruined three cities in Galatia. At Rome, the Pantheon was struck by lightning and burnt down, while an earthquake in Antioch almost levelled the entire city.1

  1. The destruction of the Golden House is drawn from Jerome, Chronicle, A Abr. 2120. Orosius tries nobly to absolve his compatriot and hero, Trajan, from the blame of initiating a persecution in his account. The earthquake in Asia and Greece is taken from Jerome, Chronicle, A Abr. 2121. Orosius disingenuously elides this with the earthquake in Galatia to make God’s vengeance seem the greater. In fact, Jerome dates the earthquake in Galatia and the burning of the Pantheon six years after the Asian earthquake, A Abr. 2127 (= AD 113), and gives a third date for the earthquake at Antioch, A Abr. 2130. [OF]

Text #6236

Michael the Syrian. Chronique de Michel le Syrien. Series: Chronique de Michel le Syrien. Vol. 1
[Bk. 6 Ch. 4 p. 174]

At the same time, there was a very violent earthquake in which many cities were overthrown: (among others) four cities in Asia: Elea, Myrina, Pytane and Cyme in Greece Opyntis and Myrriôn and three towns in Galatia. The temple of the Pantheon, i.e. of all the Gods, was destroyed by lightning1.

  1. Translated from the French by the editor. Original: En ce même temps, il y eut un tremblement de terre extrêmement violent, dans lequel beaucoup de villes furent renversées; [entre autres :] quatre villes en Àsie : Eléa, Myrina, Pytane et Cume ; en Grèce : Opyntium et Myriôn, et trois villes en Galatie.

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