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Fredegar. The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar
[Fred. Chron. 58. Translated by John Michael Wallace-Hadrill. Oxford University Press. 1960 p. 49]

628: […] From the beginning of his1 reign up to that time he had taken advice from the blessed Arnulf, bishop of Metz, and from Pippin, mayor of the palace, and thus ruled Austrasia so prosperously that he earned unlimited praise of all peoples; and his resolution spread such alarm that everywhere they hastened humbly to submit to him. Even the people who lived on the Slav-Avar frontier earnestly desired to come to them. They confidently promised that he should dominate the Avars and the Slavs and all other peoples, up to the frontiers of the Roman Empire. After the withdrawal2 of his counsellor the blessed Arnulf he was advised by Pippin, mayor of the palace, and Chunibert, bishop of Cologne; and he ruled his subjects so happily and with such regard for justice that none of his predecessors as king of the Franks earned more praise than he. So it was, as I have said, up to the time of his arrival at Paris.

  1. Dagobert I [nE]

  2. not death [OF]

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