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Fredegar. The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar
[Fred. Chron. 72. Translated by John Michael Wallace-Hadrill. Oxford University Press. 1960 pp. 60--61]

In this year1 there broke out a violent quarrel in the Pannonian kingdom of the Avars or Huns. The matter in dispute was the succession to the throne: should it be an Avar or a Bulgar? The forces of the two parties gathered together and there was a fight. In the end the Avars beat the Bulgars who, 9000 strong, were chased out of Pannonia with their wives and children. They sought asylum of Dagobert, begging him to take them in and give them a home in Frankish territory. Dagobert gave instructions that they might winter among the Bavarians, and in the meantime he would deliberate with the Franks about their future. When they were dispersed among the Bavarian homesteads for the winter, Dagobert took advice of his Franks and ordered the Bavarians to kill the Bulgars with their wives and families during the night in their homes. The order was at once carried out. Only Alzeco2, with 700 men and their wives and families, survived: They found safety in the Wendish March. Alzeco and his following lived for many years with the Walluc3 or Wendish duke.

  1. Fredegar is the only authority for this story [OF]

  2. Probably the Alzeco of Paul, Hist. Lang. V, chap. 29 [OF]

  3. ‘Walluc’ was a title and, not, as Fredegar thought, the duke’s name. [OF]

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