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Ambraseys. Earthquakes in the Mediterranean and Middle East
[p. 89]

Old Prieni, a thriving Athenian city in Asia Minor, ceased to exist about 350 BC. It was rebuilt on its present site, close to modern Güllübahçe, south of Söke. Altunel1, on archaeological grounds, considers that the old city was totally destroyed by an earthquake sometime in the 350s BC.

There is no literary evidence for this, but, considering that the site of Prieni is in a region of frequent but relatively medium-sized earthquakes, one cannot exclude this possibility. There is no information that could help us to assess the location or magnitude of the event.

  1. Altunel, E. (1998), ‘Evidence for damaging historical earthquakes at Priene, Western Turkey’, Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 7, 25–35. [OF]

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