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  • Babylon (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #727082)
    Pleiades_icon Babylon settlement, fort Geocontext: Fostat, Cairo
    Description: An ancient fortified city of the Delta of Egypt, located at Babylon in the area today known as Coptic Cairo.


Text #3652

Ptolemy. Almagest
[Bk. 4 Ch. 9 pp. 206--207]

The first eclipse we used is the one in Babylon in the thirty-first year of Darius I, Tybi [month V] 3/4 in the Egyptian calendar [-490 Apr 25/26], at the middle of the sixth hour [of night]. It is reported that at this eclipse the Moon was obscured 2 digits from the south. […] The position of the moon in latitude was near the descending node at each eclipse1 (such conclusions can be drawn even from quite crude hypotheses).

The distance [of the moon] was about the same [at both eclipses], and a little closer to the perigee than the mean distance. This too can be shown from our previous determination of the anomaly. Now, when the moon is eclipsed from the south, its centre is north of the ecliptic. So it is clear that at both eclipses the moon’s centre was an equal amount in advance of the descending node. In the first eclipse the distance of the moon from the apogee of the epicycle was 100;19°. (For the time of mid-eclipse was 1-hour before midnight at Babylon, and [hence] 1 1/3 equinoctial hours before midnight at Alexandria […]

  1. i.e. the eclipses of 25 April 491 and 5 April 126. [nE]

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