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    Pleiades_icon Athenae theatre, plaza, cemetery, stoa, settlement, temple Geocontext: Athina/Athens
    Description: A major Greek city-state and the principal city of Attika.


Text #3684

Thucydides. History of the Peloponnesian War. Vol. 1
[Thuc. 3.87. Translated by Benjamin Jowett. Clarendon Press. 1900 pp. 246--247]

In the following winter1 the plague, which had never entirely disappeared, although abating for a time, again attacked the Athenians. It continued on this second occasion not less than a year, having previously lasted for two years.

To the power of Athens certainly nothing was more ruinous; not less than four thousand four hundred Athenian hoplites who were on the roll died2, and also three hundred horsemen3 ; how many of the common people could never be ascertained.

  1. The winter of 427-426. [nE]

  2. If 4400 hoplites fatalities “on the roll” refers only to losses from the 13000 citizens of Athens who were prepared to go to war, then 34% of the best troops were lost. [nE]

  3. It means that 30%. of Athens’ 1000 man cavalry was also gone. [nE]

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