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    Pleiades_icon Peloponnesus/Peloponnesos/Peloponnese peninsula, region Description: The large peninsula protuding into the Mediterranean Sea that constitutes the southern part of Greece. It is largely separated from mainland Greece on the north by the Corinthian Gulf, joining it only in the northeast via the narrow Isthmus of Corinth.


Text #3694

Aristophanes. Clouds
[Verse 580 p. 47]

If someone’s planning an insane expedition, we1 thunder or start drizzling. When you chose that god-awful Paphlagonian2 tanner as general, with furrowed brows we kicked up a storm; thunder crashed through lightning, the moon left her course, the sun immediately wound in his wick and said that he wouldn’t shine any more if Cleon were general3.

  1. i. e the gods [nE]

  2. i. e. Cleon, the foremost political leader in Athens after the death of Pericles. Aristophanes caricatures him as a Paphlagonian slave in control of his master, Demos (the people). [nE]

  3. i. e. the lunar eclipse on 9 October 425 and the solar eclipse on 21 March 424: see Boll F., Finsternisse, RE 6, 1909, p. 2358; Ginzel, Spezieller Kanon der Sonnen,1899, p. 177. Cleon was elected in spring 424 as one of the ten generals for the next year. [nE]

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