Geographical sites:

  • Babylon (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #727082)
    Pleiades_icon Babylon settlement, fort Geocontext: Fostat, Cairo
    Description: An ancient fortified city of the Delta of Egypt, located at Babylon in the area today known as Coptic Cairo.


Text #3833

Abraham Sachs, Hermann Hunger. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia
[pp. 135--149]

A: BM 45703 + 45741 + 45748 C: BM 34050

A: Obv.’ […]

15 – The 26th (March/April), (…) at noon, the sun was twice surrounded by a halo.

‘Rev. 12’ – Night of the 7th (June/July), (…) first part of the night, a meteor which was very bright and had a tail, […] from the constellation of Zaba[ba…]

C Obv. 5 – Night of the 8th (November/December), (…) the moon was surrounded by a halo.
23 – The 24th, solstice (…), at noon [the disk of the sun] looked like that of the moon.

‘Rev. 10 - […] … […] the south wind blew, cold.

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