Geographical sites:

  • Babylon (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #727082)
    Pleiades_icon Babylon settlement, fort Geocontext: Fostat, Cairo
    Description: An ancient fortified city of the Delta of Egypt, located at Babylon in the area today known as Coptic Cairo.


Text #3861

Abraham Sachs, Hermann Hunger. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia
[pp. 307--317]

A: BM 41131 + 41149 + 41206
B: BM 35759 + 45621

A 15 – Night of the 1st, when the comet became stationary to the east, […]

B 2’ - […co]met became visible, its tail was dropped towards the south; 6° in front of the upper star of […]
B 3’ - […] … first part of the night … […] cleared [… to the] south and west; 45° (?) onset, maximal phase, and clearing; its eclipse was red, its redness [was red brown …]
B 15’ – The 8th, … […]
A 7’ - and had a tail, [flashed] from […]
B 16’ - […] there was a quaking from the sky.
A 4’ – […Ni]ght of the 26th, beginning of the night, the comet which [had appeared (?)] in the east (?) (in) month I on the 29th in Aries in the path of Anu, […]

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