Text #3870

Abraham Sachs, Hermann Hunger. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia
[pp. 377--391]

BM 77670

5’ – […] it cleared from the east to the north and west; 1.0 ° onset, maximal phase and clearing […]
6’ – […] of γ Virginis, 2/3 cubit low to the south, it became eclipsed; at 1.6° after sunset […] (Lunar eclipse on 28 February 106 BC).

A: BM 34937 + 34957 + 35558 + 35662 + 35776 + 45647 + 45700 + 46033
B: BM 45691

B14’ – a “fall of fire” occurred in the district of A.HA on the bank of the river (in March/April). That month, the 12th, an inhabitant of Borsippa, a cook, to one man […]
B15’ - […] … killed him, saying: they must not place offerings with us on one brazier.
A 46’ – […] … That month (May/June), there was ekketu-disease and risutu-disease in the land.

A11’ – Night of the 14th, [moonrise to sunset:] 5°[ x… lunar eclip]se; when it began from the east, in 21° if night all was covered; 21° of night maximal phase; when it began to clear, it entered into mist; it set eclipsed;
A12’ – its eclipse was red; in its eclipse, Saturn […and Sir]ius stood there; the remainder of the planets did not stand there; in the beginning of Pisces it became eclipsed; at 50° before sunrise (Lunar eclipse on 24 August 106 BC).
A26’ – Night of the 1st (August/September), last part of the night, a me[teor] flashed [from … to the] north, and after it there was a noise from the sky.

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