Geographical sites:

  • Babylon (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #893951)
    Pleiades_icon Babylon urban, settlement Geocontext: Tell Amran
    Description: The ancient city of Babylon began as an Akkadian city-state founded by Amorites in 1894 BC. The city was also the seat of the Neo-Babylonian Empire from 608 to 539 BC.


Text #3876

Abraham Sachs, Hermann Hunger. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia
[p. 429]

BM 32884

1 – [… in the afternoon, the earth quaked.
3 – […] Night of the 14th moonrise to sunset: 4°, measured. When … culminated, lunar eclipse; when it began on the south side, in 13° of night it made 3 fingers;
4 – […] in its eclipse, the north wind blew; in its eclipse, Jupiter stood there; during clearing Saturn came out; the remainder of the planets did not stand there.
11 – That month, there were many sick and dead in the land.

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