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    Pleiades_icon Peloponnesus/Peloponnesos/Peloponnese peninsula, region Description: The large peninsula protuding into the Mediterranean Sea that constitutes the southern part of Greece. It is largely separated from mainland Greece on the north by the Corinthian Gulf, joining it only in the northeast via the narrow Isthmus of Corinth.


Text #3977

Pausanias. Description of Greece. Series: Description of Greece. Vol. 2
[Paus. 5.4.5--5.4.6. Translated by W. H. S. Jones. Harvard University Press. 1918. (6 Vols.) p. 399]


Later on Iphitus, of the line of Oxylus and contemporary with Lycurgus, who drew up the code of laws for the Lacedaemonians, arranged the games at Olympia and reestablished afresh the Olympic festival and truce, after an interruption of uncertain length. […] At this time Greece was grievously worn by internal strife and plague, and it occurred to Iphitus to ask the god at Delphi for deliverance from these evils. The story goes that the Pythian priestess ordained that Iphitus himself and the Eleans must renew the Olympic games….

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