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Text #3998

Justin. Epitome of the Phillippic History of Pompeius Trogus
[Bk. 17 Ch. 1 ]


About the same time there was an earthquake in the regions round the Hellespont and the Chersonese; but the chief effect of it was, that the city of Lysimachia, founded two and twenty years before by king Lysimachus,1 was sunk in ruins; a prodigy which portended disasters to Lysimachus and his family, destruction to his kingdom, and calamity to the disturbed provinces.

  1. A diadochus of Alexander, who became a basileus in 306 BC, ruling Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedonia. He founded Lysimachia in 309 BC. [nE]

Text #8696

Orosius. Seven Books of History Against the Pagans. Series: Translated Texts for Historians. Vol. 54
[Oros. 3.23.54. Translated by A. T. Fear. Liverpool University Press. 2010 p. 152]

At this time, the town of Lysimachia was levelled by a terrifying earthquake and cruelly became a tomb for its afflicted people

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