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Text #512

Livy. History of Rome. Vol. 10
[Liv. 37.3. Translated by Evan T. Sage. Harvard University Press. (14 Vols.)]

The temple of Juno Lucina was struck by lightning in such a way that the gable and the doors were damaged. In neighbouring towns many things were struck by lightning. At Nursia stormclouds gathered from a clear sky, and two persons were killed. At tusculum there was a shower of earth. A mule at Reate produced a colt. A day of prayer was observed by ten boys with living fathers and mothers, and as many girls.1

  1. The words fulmine ictum are used for “struck by lightning”. However, fulmine can mean more than just lightning; it is a “bolt” which could be a solid flaming object. This passage could very well be a description of meteor/comet fragment strikes. That becomes more likely when you consider “shower of earth.” fulmen (“lightning which strikes and sets on fire, thunderbolt”) [nE]

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