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    Pleiades_icon Roma urban, settlement, temple Geocontext: Roma/Rome
    Description: The capital of the Roman Republic and Empire.


Text #5723

Victor. De Caesaribus. Series: Translated Texts for Historians. Vol. 17
[p. 50]

[…] the youngest of all his sons, Constans by name, was made Caesar.1 Astonishing omens announced that because of him there would be turmoil in the state. In fact on the very night which followed the day of his imperial appointment2 the face of heaven blazed with continuous fire.

  1. Constans was raised to the rank of Caesar in 333. [OF p. 194]

  2. According to Wikipedia, citing Jones p. 220, “Constantine I elevated Constans to the rank of Caesar at Constantinople on 25 December 333”. [nE]

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