Celestial / Comet

482BC Oct.± 1y , Duration 3M

Event #42: Bushy Star observed in China

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Geographical sites:

  • China (click here to focus in map)


Text #65

Kronk. Cometography: A Catalog of Comets. Series: Cometography. Vol. 1
[p. 2]

The Ch’un Ch’iu (-480) is the oldest source to report this object. It says a “sparkling star” was seen in the east sometime during the month of -481 September 26 to October 24. J. Williams (1871) erroneously dates this account as -501 December.

Full moon October 9.

Source: Ho (10); [Han shu: wu xing zhi] ch. 27; [Chunqiu: Ai Gong 13]

Text #66

Yeomans. Comets

482 BC, Winter, China. A bushy star comet appeared in the east. Ho (10).

Text #9059

Pankenier & Xu & Jiang. Archaeoastronomy in East Asia

13th year of Duke Ai of Lu of the Spring and Autumn period, winter, 11th month; a star became fuzzy in the east.

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