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Fredegar. The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar
[Fred. Chron. 20. Translated by John Michael Wallace-Hadrill. Oxford University Press. 1960 p. 13]

In the fifth year of Theuderic’s reign the same signs were observed in the western skies that had been observed in the preceding year: fiery balls racing across the sky, and what looked like a great number of glowing spears.

In the same year Kings Theudebert and Theuderic took the field against King Chlotar and brought him to battle on the banks of the river Orvanne, near Dormelles1. Chlotar’s army was here massacred, but he himself took to flight with the remainder. Then they laid waste the towns and districts along the Seine that had gone over to Chlotar. The town were razed and from them the army of Theudebert and Theuderic took a great number of prisoners. The defeated Chlotar had no option but to agree to terms, whereby Theuderic got all the land between the Seine and the Loire right to the Atlantic and the Breton frontier while Theudebert had the entire duchy of Dentelin2 between the Seine, the Oise and the sea.3

  1. near Montereau (Seine-et-Marne) [OF]

  2. The region bounded by the Oise, the Canche, the Channel and the Forêt Charbonnière. [OF]

  3. Comprised within the territories of Beauvais, Amiens and Rouen. [OF]

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