Celestial / Lunar Eclipse

125AD Apr. 5

Event #4593: Lunar eclipse

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Geographical sites:

  • Alexandria (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #727070)
    Pleiades_icon Alexandria theatre, cemetery, port, architecturalcomplex, settlement, temple Geocontext: Iskandariya
    Description: The ancient port city in Egypt's Nile Delta, founded by Alexander the Great in 332/331 BCE (BAtlas 74 B2 Alexandria).


Text #6353

Ptolemy. Almagest
[Bk. 4 Ch. 9 p. 206]

The second eclipse we used is the one observed in Alexandria in the ninth year of Hadrian. Pachon [IX] 17/18 in the Egyptian calendar [125 Apr. 5/6]. 3 3/5 equinoctial hours before midnight. At this eclipse too the moon was obscured 1/6th of its diameter from the south.1

  1. Quoted from Stephenson. Historical Eclipses and Earth's Rotation [p. 372]

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