Text #7733

Paul the Deacon. History of the Lombards
[Bk. 5 Ch. 31 Verse 1 p. 235]


Afterwards, in the month of August, a comet appeared in the east with very brilliant rays, which again turned back upon itself and disappeared. And without delay a heavy pestilence followed from the same eastern quarter and destroyed the Roman people.

Text #7347

The Book of Pontiffs (Liber Pontificalis). Series: Translated Texts for Historians. Vol. 6
[Verse 3 pp. 71--72]

In the August while he1 was bishop-elect there appeared from the east a star from cockcrow till morning for three months, and its rays pierced the skies; at the sight of it all the provinces were agitated and peoples amazed. After turning in its track it disappeared; on which count a very great mortality ensued from the east.

  1. Pope Donus (2 November 676 - 11 April 678)

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