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Text #5950

Annals of The Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters. Series: Annals of The Kingdom of Ireland. Vol. 2
[pp. 719--721]


The Age of Christ, 986 (recte 987). The eighth year of Maelseachlainn. Maelpadraig, Abbot of Ros-Cre; Caenchomhrac, son of Ainbhithe, Abbot of Gleann-Uisean, died. Broen Ua hAedha, airchinneach of Eaglasis-beg [at Cluain-nic-Nois], died. Ceallach, the holy virgin, died. Great and unusual wind, which prostrated many buildings and houses, and among others the oratory of Lughmhadh, and many other buildings. A great slaughter was made of the Danes who had plundered Hi, for three hundred and sixty of them were slain through the miracles of God and Colum-Cille. Preternatural (i.e. magical) sickness [was brought on] by demons in the east of Ireland, which caused mortality of men plainly before men’s eyes. The commencement of the great murrain of cows, i.e., the strange Maelgarbh, which had never come before. An army was led by Maelseachlainn into Leinster, whence he carried off a great spoil of cows.

Text #616

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
[p. 87]


A. 986. […] This year first came the great murrain among cattle in the English nation.

Text #617

Florence of Worcester. Chronicle
[p. 108]


[A.D. 987] This year two diseases unknown to the English in past ages, viz., a fever among men, and a murrain among cattle called in the English language “the skit”, and which may be described in Latin as a flux of the bowels, sorely troubled the whole of England, and raged in every part of it beyond description, causing great mortality among the people and the universal loss of cattle.

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