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375AD Nov. 19± 3d

Event #505: A thunderbolt strikes Sirmium

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Geographical sites:

  • Sirmium (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #207447)
    Pleiades_icon Sirmium settlement Geocontext: Sremska Mitrovica YUG
    Description: An ancient place, cited: BAtlas 21 B5 Sirmium


Text #622

Zosimus. New History
[Zosi. Hist. 4.18. Translated by Ronald T. Ridley. Australian Association for Byzantine Studies. 1982 p. 77]

After his death1, a thunderbolt struck Sirmium, burning the palace and the market; interpreters considered this an inauspicious portent for public affairs.

  1. Valentinian I (Latin: Flavius Valentinianus Augustus) was a Roman emperor who reigned from 364 to 375. [nE]

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