Celestial / Lunar Eclipse

746BC Jul. 22

Event #5085: Lunar eclipse

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Text #8863

Sachs & Hunger. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia. Series: Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia. Vol. 5

BM 41985

[…] 6- Year 2. Month V, the 14th, it made a total (eclipse) (22 July 746).

Text #8938

Editorial comment by data

According to NASA’s website “Lunar Eclipses of historical interest”, a partial lunar eclipse (duration 3h 25m) occurred 746 Feb 06 BC.

0746 Feb 02 - Babylonian Eclipse

“Babylonian observation of a lunar eclipse in the first year of Nabonassar. This is the earliest eclipse record from Babylon, and it may well be due to this that Ptolemy uses the beginning of Nabonassar’s reign as the epoch for his calculations.”

Dr. John Steele

See: http://eclipses.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEhistory/LEhistory.html

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