Celestial / Lunar Eclipse

719BC Sep. 1

Event #5086: Lunar eclipse

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Text #8864

Ptolemy. Almagest

The third eclipse is recorded as occurring in the (same) second year of Mardokempad, Phamenoth [month VII] 15/16 in the Egyptian calendar [-719 Sep 1/2]. The eclipse began, it says, after moonrise, and the [maximum] obscuration was more than half [the disk] from the north. So, since the sun was near the beginning of the eclipse was about 5 equinoctial hours before midnight (since it began after moonrise) and mid-eclipse about 3 1/2 hours before midnight (for the total time for an eclipse of that size must have been about 3 hours). So in Alexandria mid-eclipse occurred 4 1/3 equinoctial hours before midnight, at which time the true position of the sun was about (?) 3 1/4°

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