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Mandelkehr. The 2300 BC Event. Series: The 2300 BC Event. Vol. 1
[pp. 66--67]

There are very few excavated sites in Egypt for determination of site destruction. Settlements were located along the Nile on the delta so as to have convenient access to the chief water supply and mans for communication - the river and its canals. As a result, settlment remains over the millennia have suffered from the effects of the repeated inundations by flood… Site destruction at that time, however, could be referred to in the “Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage”. Relevant passages in this document are (2:11, 12) “Lo, doors, columns, coffers are burning… Lo, the ship of the South founders (is broken up), Towns are destroyed, Upper Egypt has become empty (waste)… It is destruction of the land…” (4:14) “Trees are destroyed, and branches stripped off…”; (5:7) “Indeed, terror kills”.1 […]

Another literary source is the inscriptions of the writer Ankhtifi at the beginning of the First Intermediate Period (following the end of the Sixth Dynasty). They include the following statement, “At a time when the sky was (in) clouds/storm (igp) (was a tumult(?) and the land was in the wind”. 2

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  2. B. Bell: “The Dark Ages in Ancient History, 1. The First Dark Age in Egypt”, American Journal of Archaelogy Vol. 75 (1981), p. 8

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