Geographical sites:

  • Central Asia (click here to focus in map) (see also GeoNames #7729893)
    Geonames_icon Central Asia region Description: UZ,KZ,TJ,KG,TM
  • Baluchistan (click here to focus in map) (see also GeoNames #1161739)
    Geonames_icon Baluchistan region Geocontext: Asia/Tehran


Text #9006

Mandelkehr. The 2300 BC Event. Series: The 2300 BC Event. Vol. 1

The first half of the third millennium was characterized by widespread sharing of technologies, aesthetic and cultic knowlege and practices … Then with the middle of the third millennium there was an abrupt and widespread abandonment of sites from Central Asia through Siestan, southern Afghanistan and Baluchistan. This was accompanied by an almost total break in trade and significant cultural interactions across these northern land routes. […]1

  1. M. Tosi, M. Shahmirzadi, M. A. Joyenda: “The Bronze Age in Iran and Afghanistan”, in A. H. Dani, V. M. Masson (eds): History of Civilization of Central Asia: Volume 1, The Dawn of Civilization, (Unesco, 1992), p. 200. Quoted by Mandelkehr.

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