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"Roman-Volscian War", in Wikipedia.

In 358 the Romans formed two new tribes, the Pomptina and Publilia. Clearly at least the Pomptina was established in the Pomptine region where Rome, after the successful wars of the previous decades, must now have had a firm grip.

Livy also records that in this year first Privernum and then Velitrae raided Roman territory. The Romans assigned the war against Privernum to one of the consuls of 357, Gaius Marcius Rutilus. The territory of Privernum had long been at peace and Marcius’ army captured a large amount of plunder. Marcius let his soldiers keep everything, appropriating nothing for the State. The Privernates had formed an entrenched camp in front of their walls. The Romans stormed this camp and prepared to attack the town when the Privernates surrendered. A triumph was celebrated over the Privernates. The Fasti Triumphales records that Marcius Rutilus celebrated his triumph over the Privernates on 1 June. This is the first appearance in Roman history of Privernum, a powerful town located in the Amaseno valley, at that time the south-eastern limit of Roman power. Livy seems not to have considered Privernum a Volscian town, but several other ancient sources attest that this was the case.

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