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"Roman-Latin Wars", in Wikipedia.

Livy only provides brief descriptions of the final years of this war. In 356 consul M. Popilius Laenas commanded against the Tiburtes. He drove them into their city and ravaged their fields. In 355 the Romans took Empulum from the Tiburtes without serious fighting. According to some of the writers consulted by Livy both consuls, C. Sulpicius Peticus and M. Valerius Poplicola, commanded against the Tiburtes, according to others it was only Valerius while Sulpicius campaigned against the Tarquinienses. Then in 354 the Romans took Sassula from Tibur. After this the Tiburtes surrendered and the war was brought to a conclusion. A triumph was celebrated against the Tiburtes. The Fasti Triumphales records that M. Fabius Ambustus, consul, triumphed over the Tiburtes on 3 June. D.S. records that Rome made peace with Praeneste this year.

This is the only recorded mention of Empulum and Sassula, they must have been small towns located in territory controlled by Tibur, but their precise locations are unknown. Modern historians consider the capture of such obscure sites unlikely to be invented, they might here ultimately derive from pontificial records of captured towns. While not all the fighting recorded in this war appear to have been very serious, Tribur and Praeneste must have been worn down by continuous warfare when they sued for peace in 354. They are not heard from again before the outbreak of the great Latin War in 340.

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