Text #9259

Venning. A Chronology of the Roman Empire
[pp. 36--37]

?534-?509 BC: Reign of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, traditionally son but more logically grandson of Tarquinius Priscus )as suggested by L. Calpurnius Piso in the second century BC, at variance with the earlier version related by Fabius Pictor). His wife is supposed to have organized her father Servius’ overthrow and then driven over him in her chariot - but this may be a mythical explanation of the name of the street where the incident supposedly occurred.

Conquest of Gabii and Pometia; traditionally Tarquinius carried out the former by a ruse, with his son pretending to flee Tarquinius’ tyranny and being taken in by Gabii which he then betrayed to his father (The story bears suspicious similarities to a Greek legend about Corinth). Colonization of Signia and Circeii; alliance with Tusculum whose ruler Octavius Mamilius marries Tarquinius’ daughter; construction of grand monumental stone complex of Temples of Jupiter ‘Optimus Maximus’, Juno, and Minerva on Capitoline Hill. The Temple of Jupiter is supposed to have involved the employment of master-sculptors from Veii; the start of work was variously ascribed to both of the two Tarquins but the construction of one building is unlikely to have taken the decades from Priscus’ reign to c. 509.

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