Text #3827

Abraham Sachs, Hermann Hunger. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia
[pp. 11--23]

163 BC

B: BM 41462 + 41941
C1: BM 41628
C2: BM 41670 + 41840 + 41915 + 42239


16 – […the co]met which previously had been seen in the east in the path of Anu in the area of Pleiades and Taurus, to the west … […]
17 – […] … and passed along in the path of Ea.
26 – [… Night of the 14th (November/December), … the sou]th and east winds blew. During the morning watch, the moon was surrounded by a halo, it billowed very much.
29 – […]… The 18th, clouds were in the sky; the sun was surrounded by a halo.

20’ – (When the point) 3° behind ξ+ Bootis culminated, [lunar eclipse …]
21’ – [… the ‘gar]ment of the sky’ was there; in its eclipse, the north wind which was set to the west side blew; in its eclipse […]

9’ – [ … in the path] of Ea in the area of Sagittarius, 1 cubit in front of Jupiter, (the comet) being 3 cubits high to the north, … […]


11 – … the cold became severe; last part of the night, overcast. The 2 [2nd (?)] (January/February), clouds were in the sky; in the morning, small hail fell, all [day …]
12 – [… the co]ld became severe.

5’ – at noon, the sun was surrounded by a halo, it billowed very much (in February/March).

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