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Event #5339: Rained earth in Campania

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Obsequens. "A Book of Prodigies After the 505th year of Rome"

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M. Marcello C. Sulpicio coss. AUC 588/166 BC

In Campania it rained earth in many places. In Praenestine territory showers of blood fell. At Veii wool sprouted from trees. At Tarracina in the temple of Minerva, three women, who were seated working, were killed by lightning. At the grove of Libitina water poured for a long time from the mouth and foot of a bronze equestrian statue. The Ligurian Gauls were destroyed.

There were assemblies that were overly competitive and because of this the senate was held on the Capitol, a flying kite sent a weasel that had been snatched up from the cella of Jupiter into the middle of the senator’s meeting. Around the same time the temple of Salus was struck from the sky. On the Quirinal hill blood drenched the earth. At Lanuvium a torch was seen in the night sky. Many places at Cassinum were shattered by lightning and the sun was seen at night for some hours. At Teanum Sidicinum a boy with four hands the same number of feet was born. After the city had been lustrated there was peace at home and abroad.

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