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Alexander Tollmann’s bolide, proposed by Kristan-Tollmann and Tollmann in 1994, is a hypothesis presented by Austrian geologist Alexander Tollmann, suggesting that one or several bolides (asteroids or comets) struck the Earth at 7640 BCE (±200), with a much smaller one at 3150 BCE (±200). If true, this hypothesis explains early Holocene extinctions and possibly legends of the Universal Deluge.

The claimed evidence for the event includes stratigraphic studies of tektites, dendrochronology, and ice cores (from Camp Century, Greenland) containing hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid (indicating an energetic ocean strike) as well as nitric acids (caused by extreme heating of air).


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"Alexander Tollmann", in Wikipedia.

Dr. Alexander Tollmann (June 27, 1928 – August 8, 2007) was an Austrian professor of geology.

He was born in Vienna. He has been professor at the Geologischen Institut of the University of Vienna since 1969. He was a political activist working to free Austria from nuclear energy and a founder of the Austrian Green Party (Vereinten Grünen Österreichs or VGÖ).

Later in his life, he turned to esoteric fields and published obscure hypotheses for which he was strongly criticized by the scientific community. In 1993, with his wife Edith, he published a monograph, Und die Sintflut gab es doch. Vom Mythos zur historischen Wahrheit which claimed that Noah’s Flood was the consequence of a bolide impact about 9500 years ago, and supported the claim through geology (impact craters, iridium, shatter cones, stress lamination of minerals, radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology, a peak of acid in the Greenland ice) and legends and folk traditions. In 1998 the husband-and-wife team published Das Weltenjahr geht zur Neige: Mythos und Wahrheit der Prophezeiungen. The book was on the Austrian bestseller list for weeks. In December 2003, Tollmann published Und die Wahrheit siegt schließlich doch (And the truth finally prevails).

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