Geographical sites:

  • Bononia (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #393421)
    Pleiades_icon Felsina/Bononia settlement Description: A city of the Po Plain with important cultural phases related to Etruscan, Celtic, and Roman culture. Important evidence for the Iron Age Villanovan culture has been found in Bononia and its vicinity. A Roman colony was established at Bononia in 189 BC. After changing hands several times following the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Bologna became an important Medieval center.


Text #3285

Obsequens. "A Book of Prodigies After the 505th year of Rome"


26. Ser. Flacco Q. Calpurnio coss. AUC 619/135 BC

Mount Etna blazed with greater fires than normal. At Rome a boy was born without an opening in his anus. At Bononia corn grew on trees. The cry of an owl was heard firstly on the Capitol, then around the city. After a reward was placed on this bird it was captured by a fowler and incinerated. Its ashes were scattered in the Tiber. A bull spoke. In Numantia things went badly, since the Roman army was defeated.

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