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Venning. A Chronology of the Roman Empire

Consuls: Marcus Genucius and Caius Curtius. Revolt of Ardea after Rome seizes a piece of territory over which they and Aricia are contending; tribune Canuleius successfully proposes law removing ban on intermarriage between patricians and plebeians, but political deadlock over attempts to admit plebeians to consulship. Appointment of ‘Military Tribunes’ with consular power, to include both patricians and plebeians: Aulus Sempronius Atratinus, Lucius Atilius and Titus Cloelius.

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"Secession of the Plebs", in Wikipedia.

The third secession is alluded to by Florus (Lex Canuleia).

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"Lex Canuleia", in Wikipedia.

The Lex Canuleia is a law of the Roman Republic passed in the year 445 BCE.

Named after the tribune Gaius Canuleius, who proposed it, it abolished a corresponding prohibition in the Twelve Tables and allowed marriage between patricians and plebeians, with children inheriting the father’s social status. It is also referred to in Latin as the Lex de conubio patrum et plebis.

Canuleius also carried through a law that permitted plebeians to hold the office of consul, the highest of the Roman magistracies, which the patricians had retained as their prerogative.

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