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"Gaius or Quintus Scribonius Curio", in Wikipedia.

Gaius or Quintus Scribonius Curio (d. 49 BC), was the son of Gaius Scribonius Curio. He was a friend to Pompey, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Cicero. He was known as a distinguished orator. Curio’s character was very conspicuous and profligate. Despite his faults, Cicero assisted him in every way and evidently wrote several letters to him.

Curio built Rome’s first amphitheatre, with seating built on a pivot that could move the entire audience, in his father’s memory and celebrated games there. About 52 BC, he married Fulvia, a granddaughter of Gaius Gracchus. He had a stepdaughter, Clodia Pulchra, but no natural children.

During his term as tribune in 50 BC, he became a supporter of Caesar. In return for his support, Caesar paid off his debt. According to Tacitus, Caesar bribed him for his oratory. Before the Civil War, Curio was one of the last politicians to call on Pompey and Caesar to make peace.

Curio was praetor in 49 BC. While fighting under Caesar, he was sent to Africa to stop King Juba I of Numidia (a supporter of Pompey). Although he won the Battle of Utica (49 BC), he was eventually defeated by Juba, along with aid from Attius Varus, at the Second Battle of the Bagradas River and fought to his death, along with his army, rather than attempting to flee to his camp.

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