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Livy. History of Rome. Vol. 1
  1. For the next three years there was neither1 a stable peace nor war. The consuls Quintus Cloelius and Titus Larcius were followed by Aulus Sempronius and Marcus Minucius. [2] In the latter year a temple to Saturn was dedicated and the Saturnalia was established as a festal day.1 Next Aulus Postumius and Titus Verginius were made consuls. [3] It was not until this year, according to some authorities I have consulted, that the battle of Lake Regillus was fought. They say that Aulus Postumius, because his colleague was of doubtful loyalty, resigned the consulship, and was then made dictator. [4] One is involved in so many uncertainties regarding dates by the varying order of the magistrates in different lists that it is impossible to make out which consuls followed which, or what was done in each particular year, when not only events but even authorities are so shrouded in antiquity.
  1. The Saturnalia proper fell on December 17, though as many as seven days came to be devoted to the popular celebration of the festival (Macrobius, I. X. 24), which was a sort of carnival. As an old Italic feast it probably originated earlier than Livy thought. See Macrobius I. viii. 1. [OF]

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Venning. A Chronology of the Roman Empire

Consuls: Aulus Sempronius and Marcus Minucius. Temple of Saturn dedicated and the December holiday of Saturnalia first celebrated.

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