Text #9766

Venning. A Chronology of the Roman Empire

Board of Decemvirs, allegedly after commission sent to Athens to investigate alternative forms of government: Appius Claudius, Titus Genucius, Publius Sestius, Lucius Veturius, Caius Julius, Aulus Manlius, Publius Sulpicius, Publius Curiatius, Titus Romilius, Spurius Postumius. Publication of the first series of the ‘Twelve Tables’ of law, namely the first ten.

Plebeian agitation for a formal codification of the law seems to have been the reason for this venture; the tradition that the ‘Tables’ was the time of the formal creation of a ‘balanced’ constitution carefully mixing monarchy, oligarchy and democracy was extant by the time of Polybius’ history in the mid-scecond century BC.

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