Geographical sites:

  • Berre (River) (click here to focus in map)


Text #97

Einhard. "The Life of Charlemagne"
[Ch. 2 ]


At the time of Childeric’s deposition, Pepin, the father of King Charles, held this office of Mayor of the Palace, one might almost say, by hereditary right; for Pepin’s father, Charles [Martel 715-41], had received it at the hands of his father, Pepin, and filled it with distinction. It was this Charles that crushed the tyrants who claimed to rule the whole Frank land as their own, and that utterly routed the Saracens, when they attempted the conquest of Gaul, in – two great battles – one in Aquitania, near the town of Poitiers, and the other on the River Berre, near Narbonne – and compelled them to return to Spain.

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