Society / Sack or Destruction of City

410AD Aug. 24

Event #94: Sack of Rome

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  • Rome (click here to focus in map) (see also Pleiades #438811)
    Pleiades_icon Politorium unlocated Geocontext: S Rome
    Description: An ancient town of Latium located near Castel di Decima. Tradition holds that Ancus Marcius captured the settlement and relocated its occupants to the Aventine Hill in Rome.


Text #131

Procopius of Caesarea. History of the Wars. Series: Procopius. Vol. 2
[Proc. BHist. 3.22--3.25. Translated by H. B. Dewing. William Heinemann. 1916. (5 Vols.) p. 17]


But when the appointed day had come, Alaric armed his whole force for the attack and was holding them in readiness close by the Salarian Gate; for it happened that he had encamped there at the beginning of the siege. And all the youths at the time of the day agreed upon came to this gate, and, assailing the guards suddenly, put them to death; then they opened the gates and received Alaric and the army into the city at their leisure. And they set fire to the houses which were next to the gate, among which was also the house of Sallust, who in ancient times wrote the history of the Romans, and the greater part of this house has stood half-burned up to my time; and after plundering the whole city and destroying the most of the Romans, they moved on.

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