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2899 Society Mass Death 396BC (Sum.) Carthaginian plague during war against Sicily
5205 Society War 397BC Siege of Syracuse by Carthaginians
5730 Society Politics 398BC Tribunes elected are all patrician after augurs say pestilence due to plebeians in high office
5727 Society Expiation 399BC First lectisternum held in Rome - banquest to appease the gods
5729 Society Mass sickness 400BC (Sum.) Pestilential summer at Rome; deadly to man and beast; Sibylline Books consulted
53 Society War 405BC Battle of Aegospotami, obliteration of Athenian navy, end of Peloponnesian War
5726 Society Politics 408BC First plebeian quaestors elected at Rome
5725 Society Mass sickness 410BC Pestilence and famine, social unrest over land reform
5724 Society Politics 412BC Military Tribune murdered by his troops over his resistance to land reform
5723 Society Politics 414BC Turmoil over attempt to take annexed land from aristocrats and give to the people
5722 Society Slave Rebellion 417BC Plot by slaves to seize Rome
5721 Society Politics 425BC Plebeian agitation prevents consular elections
2655 Society Mass Death 426BC (Win.) Plague of Athens 3rd outbreak
2346 Society Mass Death 428BC (Spr.) Plague of Athens 2nd outbreak
5248 Society People 428BC Plato
2852 Society Mass Death 430BC (Sum.) Plague of Athens 1st outbreak
5241 Society People 430BC Xenophon
5720 Society Mass sickness 435BC Epidemic in Rome during which Latins attack
5719 Society Politics 437BC King of Veii executes Roman envoys; Aulus Cornelius Cossus kills him in single combat
5295 Society People 439BC Spurius Maelius, advocate for the people, falsely accused and assassinated by Gaius Servilius Ahala
1106 Society Famine 439BC Famine in early Rome, Cincinnatus made dictator, Spurius Maelius murdered for trying to help the poor
66 Society People 440BC Heraclitus, Early Stoicism
5542 Society Politics 445BC Third Secession of the Plebs demanding rights to consulship and marriage between patricians and plebeians: Lex de conubio patrum et plebis
5538 Society People 446BC Marcus Furius Camillus: longest-reigning Roman dictator until Sulla and Caesar; passed Lex Licinia under pressure
5717 Society Politics 449BC Kidnapping and death of Verginia and overthrow of the decemviri
47 Society People 449BC Herodotus Writes The Histories
5541 Society Politics 450BC Second Secession of the Plebs due to abuse of power by the decemviri; demanded restoration of plebeian tribune power and right of appeal
5718 Society Politics 450BC Illegal seizure of power by Decemvirs leads to reforms
5716 Society Laws and legal system 451BC Publication of the first ten of the Twelve Tables of law after agitation by plebeians
5715 Society Laws and legal system 455BC Lex Icilia distributes illegally held land on the Aventine to plebeians
5714 Society Politics 458BC Census at Rome
5700 Society Laws and legal system 460BC Riots in Rome over constitutional reforms, abuses of the aristocracy; exile of Caeso Quinctius
5239 Society People 460BC Democritus, philosopher
5294 Society People 462BC Gaius Terentilius Harsa, plebeian tribune and advocate of formal law code for all
5699 Society Mass sickness 462BC Epidemic in Rome; both consuls among the victims
5635 Society Prodigy 470BC Religious awe and fear of the gods owing to the occurrence of many prodigies and omens
5212 Society People 470BC Socrates
5632 Society Expiation 470BC Urbinia, a Vestal Virgin, tried and executed for unchastity
5634 Society Mass sickness 470BC Pestilence attacked pregnant women killing both mothers and infants
5698 Society Laws and legal system 471BC Change in law of tribune elections to eliminate aristocratic manipulation
5697 Society Politics 473BC Political strife between the orders, tribune Cnaeus Genucius murdered
5645 Society War 477BC Battle of the Cremera; 306 men of the Fabii gens sacrificed by the Veientes.
48 Society War 479BC Aug. Battle of Plataea
45 Society War 480BC Sep. Battle of Salamis between Persians and Greeks; Xerxes, Themistocles,
5696 Society War 480BC Battle with Veii; consul killed
5695 Society Laws and legal system 480BC Tribune attempts to introduce land reform bill
5198 Society War 480BC (Spr.) Second Persian Invasion of Greece
5238 Society People 480BC Leucippus
5615 Society Expiation 483BC Following a series of portents the vestal virgin Oppia/Opimia was found guilty of a breach of chastity; buried alive
5642 Society War 483BC The Fabian war with Veii
5694 Society Laws and legal system 484BC Jul. Temple of Castor and Pollux dedicated
5211 Society People 484BC Herodotus
5630 Society Expiation 485BC Supernatural portents expiated by punishment of Oppia, a Vestal virgin who was convicted of unchastity
5621 Society Politics 486BC Spurius Cassius Viscellinus authored agrarian law; accused of pandering to the masses and seeking kingship; executed
5195 Society Massacre 490BC Sep. 12 Battle of Marathon
5240 Society People 490BC Protagoras, first relativist
5237 Society People 490BC Empedocles formulates 4 elements and 2 powers of the cosmos
5236 Society People 490BC Zeno of Elea
5625 Society Politics 491BC Gaius Marcius Coriolanus defects to the Volscii after enraging the patricians and plebeians
5197 Society War 492BC First Persian Invasion of Greece
5633 Society Famine 492BC Famine due to war
5276 Society Politics 493BC Foedus Cassianum, military alliance between the Latin cities with Rome
5543 Society Politics 493BC Plebeian Council's authority recognized by Patricians (unwillingly)
5540 Society Politics 494BC Dec. First Secession of the Plebs due to extreme debt and wealth/political inequality
5629 Society War 494BC Volscians, the Aequi, and the Sabines join forces against Rome; defense by debtor-army
5623 Society Politics 494BC Agitation of impoverished plebs; Titus Lartius unsuccessfully advocated measures to relieve the plebs from the burdens of debt
5627 Society War 495BC Rome defended against Volscians by army-of-debtors; soldiers allowed to plunder to relieve their poverty
5537 Society Politics 495BC Conflict of the Orders develops; political struggle between the Plebeians (commoners) and Patricians (aristocrats)
5626 Society Politics 495BC P. Servilius Priscus Structus passed edict for partial amelioration of debt slavery in order to levy an army
5628 Society Politics 495BC Civil discord at Rome due to debt slavery and extreme poverty; plebs refuse military service
5275 Society War 495BC Volscian invasion; Rome's plebs refuse to fight without reforms and debt relief
5693 Society Laws and legal system 497BC Dec. Temple of Saturn dedicated; first Saturnalia in Rome
5274 Society War 499BC Battle of Lake Regillus; thirty cities revolt against Rome
5622 Society Politics 501BC Titus Lartius first Roman dictator
5273 Society War 503BC The Pometian revolt against Rome
5641 Society War 505BC War between Rome and the Sabines/Etruscans
5272 Society War 508BC Lars Porsena War between Clusium and Aricia; Rome acquires survivors as citizens
5640 Society War 508BC War with Etruscan Clusium; siege of Rome
5639 Society War 509BC War with Veii and Tarquinii, after the overthrow of the monarchy in 509 BC
5624 Society War 509BC Horatius Cocles defends Rome at the Sublicius bridge against Etruscans, Lars Porsenna
5314 Society Politics 509BC Expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus, Founding of Roman Republic; Consuls: Lucius Iunius Brutus and Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus
5235 Society People 515BC Parmenides of Elea
5293 Society People 519BC Cincinnatus, patrician opponent of justice and equality under the law
5214 Society People 522BC Pindar
5313 Society People 534BC Reign of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, seventh and last King of Rome
5233 Society People 535BC Heraclitus of Ephesus
5194 Society War 539BC Oct. Fall of Babylon to Cyrus the Great
2882 Society War 557BC May 19 Solar eclipse, Cyrus the Great captures Larissa
5231 Society People 570BC Xenophanes
5213 Society People 570BC Pythagoras
5638 Society War 571BC Nov. 25 War with Veii and the Etruscans, under Servius Tullius
5311 Society Assassination 578BC Assassination of Tarquinius by the sons of Ancus Marcius
5312 Society People 578BC Reign of Servius Tullius, the Etruscan 'Mastarna', sixth King of Rome; building of defenses, division of Rome into districts, other reforms
2900 Society War 580BC Battle of the Sagra: Apparition of the Dioscuri
5230 Society People 585BC Anaximenes of Miletus
5271 Society War 588BC Second Latin War; Rome acquires more territory
5192 Society Famine 610BC Famine in Babylon reported with lunar eclipse observation
5229 Society People 610BC Anaximander
2881 Society War 612BC Fall of Nineveh, Assyrian Empire collapses
5191 Society Famine 612BC Famine in Babylon reported with lunar eclipse observation
5250 Society People 616BC Reign of Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, Tarquin the Elder, fifth King of Rome
5228 Society People 624BC Thales of Miletus philosopher and mathematician, one of the Seven Sages of Greece
5270 Society War 640BC First Latin War; Rome against the Latins; people captured and made citizens of Rome
5249 Society People 642BC Reign of Ancus Marcius, fourth King of Rome
5338 Society Politics 657BC Expulsion of the Bacchiadae from Corinth
5637 Society War 663BC Second War with Fidenae and Veii, under Tullus Hostilius
5219 Society People 673BC Reign of Tullus Hostilius, third King of Rome
5310 Society People 680BC Archilochus: earliest known Greek author to compose almost entirely on the theme of his own emotions and experiences
5126 Society Politics 700BC End of Villanovan, rise of Etruscan in Italy
5528 Society Laws and legal system 700BC Vestal Virgins; state supported priestesses
5348 Society War 701BC Siege of Lachish
5347 Society War 701BC Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem; a calamity has come down from the Lord
5346 Society People 705BC Reign of Sennacherib, king of Assyria
5124 Society Mass Migration 706BC Spartans found Tarentum
689 Society Mass sickness 707BC Numa Pompilius, pestilence
5220 Society People 715BC Reign of Numa Pompilius, second King of Rome
5114 Society War 722BC Sargon II usurps throne - 17 years of war and mass death
5091 Society Sack or Destruction of City 722BC Deportation of Israelites - Shalmaneser V, Sargon II
5089 Society Politics 727BC Babylon rebels against Assyria
5092 Society Sack or Destruction of City 732BC Deportation of Israelites Tiglath-Pileser III
5096 Society Mass Migration 734BC Naxus, Sicily founded
5095 Society Mass Migration 734BC Syracuse Sicily founded
5094 Society Politics 739BC Hiram II becomes King of Tyre
5090 Society Politics 745BC Tiglath-Pileser III siezes Assyrian throne
5351 Society Science 747BC Beginning of Babylonian Chronicles; first step in development of ancient historiography
5350 Society People 747BC Reign of Nabonassar, King of Babylon
5352 Society Science 747BC Beginning of Babylonian Astronomical Diaries recording 21 years of instability of the orbit of Venus
5234 Society People 750BC Homer
5636 Society War 763BC War with Fidenae and Veii under Romulus
5223 Society People 771BC Mar. 28 Traditional Birth of Romulus, founder and King of Rome
5087 Society People 776BC Retrospective calculation of the First Olympiad used for dating purposes
2885 Society Mass Death 850BC Olympic Games restored to end long period of war and pestilence
5404 Society People 1114BC Tiglath-Pileser I; made Assyria the leading power of the Middle East
5381 Society Mass Migration 1180BC Phrygians appear in historical record; migrate from southern Balkans to Anatolia upon collapse of Hittite empire
5382 Society Mass Migration 1180BC Mushki appear in historical record, migrating from the West, following collapse of Late Bronze Age
5200 Society Sack or Destruction of City 1188BC Fall of Troy
5358 Society War 1274BC Battle of Kadesh and subsequent peace treaty
5383 Society Economy 1300BC Urnfield Culture appears in Central Europe; grows out of Tumulus culture
5407 Society Politics 1570BC Kassites rule of Babylon
5416 Society Politics 2214BC Gutian dynasty of Sumer, destruction of Akkad
5170 Society Mass Death 2300BC Adverse Climate Changes in Egypt, dynasty collapse, severe famine, cannibalism
5172 Society Mass Migration 2300BC Exodus event?
4528 Other Other 60AD A massive, heavy gate opens all by itself
5242 Other Other 2100BC Epic of Gilgamesh stories composed
5079 Geology Earthquake 1588AD Earthquake Palestine
5078 Geology Earthquake 1458AD Earthquake Palestine
5082 Geology Earthquake 1312AD Earthquake in Palestine
5075 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5077 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5076 Geology Earthquake 1212AD Earthquake Palestine
5080 Geology Earthquake 1202AD Earthquake Palestine
5074 Geology Earthquake 1068AD Earthquake Palestine
4919 Geology Earthquake 1000AD Mar. 29 Severe earthquake all over the world
5081 Geology Earthquake 991AD Earthquake Palestine
4913 Geology Earthquake 876AD Earthquake in Byzantium, many towns destroyed
611 Geology Earthquake 814AD The palace at Aix-la-Chapelle frequently trembles
5072 Geology Earthquake 749AD Earthquake Palestine
5073 Geology Earthquake 660AD Earthquake Palestine
4257 Geology Other 599AD Fish are killed by boiling lake water in Lake of Thun
2892 Geology Landslide 563AD A landslide causing a tsunami, 8 meters high, wipes out the old city of Geneva
5069 Geology Earthquake 502AD Earthquake Palestine
5071 Geology Earthquake 419AD Earthquake Palestine
4939 Geology Earthquake 400AD Grievous earthquakes overturning houses and entire cities from their foundations
4942 Geology Sinkhole 400AD Earth is opening up and sinkholes swallow up inhabitants
506 Geology Earthquake 375AD Nov. 19 Many cities in Greece severely shaken by an earthquake
285 Geology Earthquake 362AD Dec. 2 Nicomedia and Nicaea destroyed by an Earthquake
620 Geology Earthquake 358AD (Sum.) Terrible earthquakes take place in Macedonia, Asia Minor, and Pontus, overthrowing mountains
105 Geology Earthquake 348AD Earthquake in Beirut
98 Geology Earthquake 344AD Earthquake in Neocaesarea
90 Geology Earthquake 335AD Earthquake in Cyprus, many places collaps
4518 Geology Earthquake 331AD A very severe earthquake in Salamis/Cyprus kills a considerabe number
2262 Geology Earthquake 178AD Smyrna is destroyed by an earthquake
2200 Geology Earthquake 128AD Nicopolis and Caesarea are ruined by an earthquake
4523 Geology Earthquake 117AD Nov. 10 Earthquake during Hadrian's reign
4556 Geology Earthquake 113AD Jerome's Antioch earthquake
5067 Geology Earthquake 112AD Earthquake Palestine
4555 Geology Earthquake 110AD Earthquake in Galatia
4553 Geology Earthquake 105AD Four cities of Asia and two of Greece overthrown by an earthquake
4521 Geology Earthquake 67AD (Win.) Amazing concussions and bellowings of the earth
4524 Geology Earthquake 60AD Cities are destroyed by an earthquake during visit of a comet
4530 Geology Earthquake 60AD Priests experience an earthquake during sacred ministrations
4166 Geology Earthquake 51AD Earthquake in Apamea
5066 Geology Earthquake 33AD Earthquake Palestine
2233 Geology Earthquake 19AD An earthquake killed more than 100,000 people
2925 Geology Earthquake 31BC Sep. Earthquake kills ten to thirty thousand men and brings destruction upon cattle
1465 Geology Earthquake 49BC "Bellowing" earthquakes in Rome
718 Geology Earthquake 56BC Temple of Juno turns from east to north in association with earthquake
1443 Geology Earthquake 63BC Earthquakes mentioned by Cicero, probably in Italy
1422 Geology Other 67BC Island appeared among the Cyclades
2902 Geology Earthquake 69BC Earthquake in Syria; a hundred and seventy thousand people, and several cities, were destroyed
2917 Geology Earthquake 89BC Earthquake at Apamea
5503 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 89BC Appearance of new lakes, disappearance of rivers and springs in Asia Minor
5499 Geology Outgassing 91BC Fire erupted from the earth at Aeneria (Ischia)
1428 Geology Volcanic Eruption 91BC Islands burned several days, sea burned during the Social War
5500 Geology Earthquake 91BC Earthquake at Regium; part of the city and walls destroyed
2796 Geology Earthquake 94BC Jul. Earthquake in Babylon
2786 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 112BC Euphrates river turns red
2910 Geology Other 120BC The Cymbrian Flood; Jutland penninsula
2356 Geology Outgassing 126BC Fire and gases erupting from the sea off northern Sicily; many fish killed, people sickened, killed
1424 Geology Volcanic Eruption 126BC Eruption of Etna; island emerges burning with violent blast
2355 Geology Volcanic Eruption 135BC Eruption of Mount Etna: 'greater fires than normal'
5485 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 137BC The Fucine lake overflowed; red water emerged from the ground
2020 Geology Volcanic Eruption 140BC Eruption of Mount Etna associated with fall of objects from the sky
5064 Geology Earthquake 140BC Earthquake Palestine
2923 Geology Tsunami 144BC Soldiers of Tryphon are drowned by a rogue wave; possible undersea landslide
5342 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 166BC Water poured from foot of Equestrian statue; on the Quirinal hill blood drenched the earth
5328 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 168BC At Calatia in public land for three days and two nights blood flowed
2747 Geology Earthquake 171BC Earthquake in Babylon
5323 Geology Volcanic Eruption 186BC Possible eruption of Vesuvius
5322 Geology Volcanic Eruption 188BC Possible eruption of Vesuvius
5321 Geology Volcanic Eruption 190BC Possible eruption of Vesuvius
5256 Geology Earthquake 198BC Chalcis-on-Belus in northern Syria swallowed by earthquake
2903 Geology Volcanic Eruption 198BC Emergence of the island Hiera; the whole sea boiled and blazed
5258 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 198BC Fountains of Arethusa in Chalcis stopped and gushed up elsewhere
5257 Geology Earthquake 198BC Sidon extensively damaged by earthquake; nearly two-thirds "engulfed"
5259 Geology Volcanic Eruption 198BC Chasm opened in Lelantine Plain, Euboea, erupting a river of fiery lava
654 Geology Sinkhole 203BC Sinking earth at Arpinum made huge depression
5320 Geology Volcanic Eruption 204BC Possible eruption of Vesuvius
1326 Geology Earthquake 217BC Jun. 24 Mountains cleft asunder, rivers blocked by earthquake during Battle of Lake Trasimene
519 Geology Volcanic Eruption 217BC Vesuvius thundered, hurling flames and rock
1394 Geology Earthquake 217BC Fifty-seven earthquakes in the year of the Battle of Lake Trasimene; cities overthrown, rivers diverted, cliffs torn away
515 Geology Earthquake 217BC The Alps did not keep their place, and the Apennines were never still day or night among their vast gorges
509 Geology Landslide 217BC Mount Garganus, collapsing with tottering summit, overset its forests
514 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 217BC River Allia flooding
1321 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 223BC A river in Picenum the color of blood
2916 Geology Volcanic Eruption 226BC Eruption of Methana volcano, Greece
2897 Geology Earthquake 226BC Major Rhodes earthquake causes colossus to collapse, three meters uplift
2719 Geology Earthquake 252BC Feb. 19 Earthquake followed by hailstorm in Babylon
2893 Geology Earthquake 279BC (Win.) Earthquake during Gallic invasion of Greece; thunderbolts and rocks fall from Parnassus
2898 Geology Earthquake 287BC Lysimachia destroyed by earthquake killing many residents
2716 Geology Earthquake 303BC Earthquakes in Ionia recorded on Parian marble, Greece
5218 Geology Earthquake 325BC Nov. Earthquake associated with tsunami that destroyed much of Alexander's fleet in India
2708 Geology Tsunami 325BC Nov. Tsunami destroys much of Alexander's fleet in India
2408 Geology Earthquake 350BC Earthquake at Prieni, Asia Minor; city totally destroyed
2905 Geology Earthquake 350BC First recorded Persian earthquake; numerous cities, 2000 villages destroyed
2907 Geology Volcanic Eruption 350BC Volcanic eruption, earthquakes and tsunami on the island of Pithecussae
2696 Geology Earthquake 354BC Phocian generals attempt to loot the temple at Delphi, earthquake occurs, terrifying everyone
2701 Geology Earthquake 360BC Earthquakes Heraclea Pontica and Orphyneum
5210 Geology Volcanic Eruption 360BC Volcanic eruption on the Island of Vulcano
5208 Geology Earthquake 373BC (Win.) Great earthquake; Bura disappeared in a chasm of the earth, and Helice was wiped out by a wave from the sea.
2680 Geology Tsunami 373BC (Win.) Sea rose to a vast height, a wave towering even higher drowned all the inhabitants and washed away the city of HelicĂȘ
1217 Geology Earthquake 373BC (Win.) Earthquake at Delos just before great earthquake and tsunami
2679 Geology Earthquake 388BC Earthquake at Argos deters invasion
2677 Geology Volcanic Eruption 396BC Eruption of Mount Etna during war between Carthaginians and Syracuse
5731 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 398BC The Alban Lake rose to an unusual height, without any rainfall or other cause; embassy sent to oracle at Delphi
2674 Geology Earthquake 400BC Earthquake - divine displeasure - halts invasion of Elis
2665 Geology Earthquake 413BC (Win.) Earthquake in Sparta
2664 Geology Earthquake 414BC (Spr.) Spartan military expedition against Argos abandoned due to earthquake
2663 Geology Earthquake 420BC (Sum.) Earthquake felt at Athens and Corinth while Alcibiades ranting against Spartans
2660 Geology Earthquake 424BC Mar. 31 Earthquake within 10 days of solar eclipse
2657 Geology Volcanic Eruption 425BC (Spr.) Eruption of Mount Etna
5204 Geology River/Water Table Anomalies 426BC Oct. Rivers and springs stopped flowing for several days, land sinking and rising prior to Malian Gulf tsunami
2387 Geology Tsunami 426BC Oct. Malian Gulf tsunami during Peloponnesian War
1398 Geology Earthquake 426BC (Sum.) Multiple earthquakes in Greece during Peloponnesian War
2653 Geology Earthquake 431BC Earthquake at Delos warning of the beginning of the Peloponnesian War
1386 Geology Earthquake 464BC Sparta destroyed by earthquake, rocks fall from mountain peaks
1426 Geology Volcanic Eruption 472BC Mount Epopos shot forth fire, collapse of land, great noise
1425 Geology Tsunami 472BC Following volcanic eruption on Pithecussae, the sea retreated then turned back and deluged the island.
2906 Geology Volcanic Eruption 478BC Colonists abandon island of Pithecussae due to volcanic eruptions
2646 Geology Tsunami 479BC Mar. 29 Tsunami drowns Persian army ending siege of Potidea, model for Exodus story
2658 Geology Volcanic Eruption 479BC Eruption of Mount Etna
2644 Geology Earthquake 480BC Sep. 20 Earthquake on the day of the Battle of Salamis
2637 Geology Other 490BC Earthquake at Delos, said to be first by Herodotus
5063 Geology Earthquake 525BC Earthquake Palestine
2512 Geology Earthquake 544BC Earthquake predicted by Pherecydes of Syros
2706 Geology Earthquake 656BC Mar. Earthquake recorded by Assyrians
2920 Geology Earthquake 680BC Earth quaked for a whole day during Esarhaddon's reign
5062 Geology Earthquake 1050BC Earthquake Palestine
2231 Geology Volcanic Eruption 1226BC Mount Etna erupts
5061 Geology Earthquake 1560BC Earthquake Palestine
5060 Geology Earthquake 2100BC Earthquake Palestine
5059 Geology Earthquake 2700BC Earthquake Palestine
5058 Geology Earthquake 3300BC Earthquake Palestine
5057 Geology Earthquake 4000BC Earthquake Palestine - Jericho
4952 Environment Drought 1025AD Drought in Western Europe dries up streams and springs
4951 Environment Drought 1022AD (Sum.) Drought in Western Europe
4950 Environment Unusual Weather 1020AD (Win.) Harsh winter in Western Europe
4949 Environment Drought 1014AD Apr. 5 Drought in Germany
4924 Environment Flood 1012AD Severe floods in Western Europe
4923 Environment Unusual Weather 1011AD (Win.) Harsh winter in Kievan Rus', Europe and Northern Africa
4922 Environment Drought 1008AD Drought in Kievan Rus'
4921 Environment Drought 1001AD Drought in Western Europe
4918 Environment Flood 1000AD Severe flood in Kievan Rus'
4920 Environment Drought 1000AD Severe drought in Western Europe
4917 Environment Drought 994AD Drought in Kievan Rus'
4916 Environment Flood 991AD Severe flood and famine in Kievan Rus'
4915 Environment Strong Winds 979AD (Sum.) Severe thunderstorms and winds in Kievan Rus'
4914 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 919AD (Win.) Aurora over Kievan Rus' and Byzantium
4912 Environment Strong Winds 874AD Severe storm in the Black Sea during Askold's siege of Constantinople
4911 Environment Ice 855AD (Win.) Unusual ice-slick in Black Sea region, Bulgaria, Byzantium
612 Environment Unusual Weather 814AD A severe storm occurs at Aix-la-Chapelle palace and basilica
429 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 806AD Aug. 30 Circle around the Sun
2365 Environment Unusual Fire 642AD Chalon is burnt to the ground
2077 Environment Flood 586AD Deluges flood Burgundy
335 Environment Flood 525AD Apr. 22 People drown in the great and sudden flood at Edessa
4941 Environment Flood 400AD Deluges of rain
4943 Environment Hail 400AD Rock-sized hail up to eight pounds falls in many places
4940 Environment Drought 400AD Fierce droughts and fiery whirlwinds descending from above
505 Environment Plasma Event 375AD Nov. 19 A thunderbolt strikes Sirmium
1560 Environment Animal Prodigies 367AD A donkey mounts the tribunal