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550 Environment Plasma Event 363AD Apr. 7 Soldier and two horses killed by lightning
4507 Environment Strange Sounds 358AD Aug. 23 Strange crashing wave-like sounds and noises echosed from hill-tops in Nicromedia
4509 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 358AD Aug. 23 Sudden heavy black clouds and intense darkness descend over Nicromedia
4515 Environment Strong Winds 358AD Aug. 23 Typhoons, whirlwinds and violent raging storms
4508 Environment Unusual Fire 358AD Aug. 23 A fire rages for fifty days and nights
4512 Environment Drought 305AD Drought
4510 Environment Plasma Event 305AD Thunderbolts
2265 Environment Unusual Fire 188AD Lightning destroyed the Capitol
2254 Environment Flood 162AD (Spr.) Flood of the Tiber
2260 Environment Unusual Fire 110AD The Pantheon is set on fire by lightning
1471 Environment Strong Winds 67AD Oct. 23 A "divine storm" with strong wind is unleashed during the Siege of Gamala
1482 Environment Strong Winds 67AD (Win.) Storm with violent winds, rain and lightning during the siege of the Zealot Temple
4531 Environment Strange Sounds 60AD A great quaking and sound of a great multitude is heard
4526 Environment Plasma Event 60AD A great light at night as bright as day for half an hour
4525 Environment Strong Winds 60AD Violent and continuous storms during visit of a comet
4527 Environment Animal Prodigies 60AD A heifer gives birth to a lamb
4685 Environment Drought 24BC Perpetual droughts in Syria an Judea
1475 Environment Animal Prodigies 48BC Aug. 9 Bees swarming military standards in the camp of Pompey; sacrificial victims ran away
1474 Environment Plant Prodigies 48BC Aug. 9 Palm tree shoots up at the base of Caesar's statue in Tralles
5732 Environment Unusual Sounds 48BC Pergamum: noise of drums and cymbals spread throughout the city
1463 Environment Plasma Event 49BC Thunderbolts over Dyrrachium and Rome
1312 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 49BC Many towers destroyed by thunderbolts in Italy during civil war
1464 Environment Animal Prodigies 49BC Sighting of wolves and owls in Rome, animals bring forth creatures outside of their own species
1316 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 50BC It rained wool in the vicinity of Compsa Castle; rained bricks
677 Environment Plasma Event 52BC Many thunderbolts in Rome
676 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 52BC Many clods, stones, shards and blood went flying through the air
1315 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 53BC It rained iron the shape of sponges in Lucania
1453 Environment Unusual Weather 53BC Fog, lightning, violent winds afflict Crassus' army in Mesopotamia
1447 Environment Animal Prodigies 54BC Portents in Rome: owls, dogs, wolves
1446 Environment Flood 54BC Tiber floods for many days; many people and animals killed, many buildings destroyed in Rome
670 Environment Animal Prodigies 56BC A wolf entered Rome
673 Environment Unusual Sounds 56BC A "subterranean tumult" heard in association with earthquake and fireball activity
672 Environment Plasma Event 56BC Romans killed by thunderbolts
1442 Environment Unusual Weather 63BC Extreme heat
1444 Environment Unusual Weather 63BC Storm at Rome tears up trees, destroys buildings, many people perished during consulship of Cicero.
1438 Environment Unusual Weather 65BC Many towers in Rome struck with lightning; melts statues and bronze tablets
1309 Environment Plasma Event 73BC Town-councillor of Pompei, Marcus Herennius, struck by a thunderbolt on a fine day.
2895 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 88BC (Sum.) Rain of ashes at Athens
2799 Environment Insect Infestation 91BC Feb. Locusts in late winter in Babylon
5498 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 91BC Rained stones for seven days in central Italy
5495 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 94BC Rain of stones in central Italy
5494 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 94BC Rain of stones near Rome
1317 Environment Unusual Sounds 101BC Clanging armor, trumpet sounds from sky, Battle of Vercellae
1318 Environment Strange Sounds 104BC Clanging armour and the sounding of a trumpet were heard from the sky
2785 Environment Animal Mass Death 112BC Cattle pestilence in Babylon
1297 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 114BC Halo around the sun in the consulships of Gaius Porcius and Manius Acilius
1313 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 114BC Sky rained milk and blood in the consulship of Manius Acilius and Gaius Porcius
1311 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 115BC Thunderbolt strikes temple of Juno during consulship of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus
1289 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 118BC Three suns seen at once during consulships of Quintus Marcius and Marcus Porcius
1296 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 122BC Sun veiled in dust; haloes; darkness for several days following Etna eruption
2776 Environment Insect Infestation 124BC May Locusts, large and numerous
2774 Environment Unusual Weather 125BC Nov. Snow in Babylon; severe cold
2775 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 125BC Sun and moon haloes
2766 Environment Unusual Weather 133BC Hailstones as large as plums fall in Babylon; much lightning and thunder; associated with solar eclipse
5487 Environment Plant Prodigies 135BC Corn grows on trees
5481 Environment Unusual Weather 137BC (Win.) Severe cold and hail in Babylon
5483 Environment Unusual Sounds 137BC Thunder from a clear sky near Rome
5480 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 137BC (Win.) Sun veiled in dust, 'looked like the moon'
2760 Environment Animal Mass Death 137BC Mass death of cattle in Babylon; unspecified cause but associated with comet observations
5484 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 137BC 'Many places shattered by lightning'; praetor M. Claudius burst into flames from a thunderbolt
2878 Environment Unusual Weather 143BC Heavy snowfall in Syria/Palestine during Maccabean Revolt
5476 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 147BC Sun halos associated with comet, glowing red sky, possible comet dust
5475 Environment Unusual Weather 147BC Unusual, repeated lightning strikes reported at Rome associated with comet and red sky
5333 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 163BC At Formiae two suns were seen during the day.
5335 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 163BC At Gabiae it rained milk
5337 Environment Unusual Weather 163BC A tempestuous storm destroyed buildings and created carnage on the land
5332 Environment Plasma Event 163BC Flock of goats killed by lightning
5336 Environment Strange Sounds 163BC In Cephallenia a trumpet seemed to sound in the sky
5331 Environment Unusual Weather 163BC Severe cold and hail in Babylon
5340 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 166BC In Praenestine territory showers of blood fell
5339 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 166BC Rained earth in Campania
5341 Environment Plasma Event 166BC At Tarracina, three women seated in the Temple of Minerva killed by lightning; Many places at Cassinum were shattered by lightning
5327 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 168BC At Anagnia it rained earth
1288 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 174BC Three suns seen in the consulships of Spurius Postumius and Quintus Mucius
431 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 186BC Shower of stones in Picenum
433 Environment Plasma Event 186BC Lightning bolts, appearing in many places, had scorched the clothes of many persons by a slight blast of heat
410 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 188BC Daytime darkness sets in at Rome
411 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 188BC Shower of Stones on the Aventine in Rome
388 Environment Plasma Event 190BC Thunderbolts from a clear sky strike many towns around Rome; two persons killed
412 Environment Plasma Event 190BC Temple of Juno Lucina struck by lightning damaging a gable and the doors
393 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 190BC Shower of Earth from the sky
5255 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 198BC Haloes around the sun and moon
659 Environment Animal Prodigies 203BC Roof-eating ravens, gnawing mice, locust infestation and a deformed colt
656 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 203BC Sun halo at Frusino
653 Environment Rock Falls 204BC Shower of stones in association with meteors, crashing sounds; fall of Magna Mater
648 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 204BC Two suns seen, ring around moon
652 Environment Unusual Sounds 204BC In the temple of Juno Sospita at Lanuvium a noise was heard with a dreadful crash
1327 Environment Animal Prodigies 215BC A cow gave birth to a horse
510 Environment Plasma Event 217BC Javelins blazed up suddenly in the hands of astounded soldiers
511 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 217BC Light was suddenly withdrawn, and the Calabrian mariners, plunged in darkness
1325 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 223BC Three moons visible from Italy
1324 Environment Plasma Event 223BC "Heaven on fire"; aurora?
2731 Environment Insect Infestation 227BC May Attack of locusts in Babylon
2730 Environment Unusual Weather 233BC Nov. Heavy rain, flooding, severe cold in Babylon
2728 Environment Insect Infestation 238BC Attack of locusts in Babylon
2509 Environment Unusual Weather 243BC Severe cold in Babylon
5299 Environment Unusual Weather 248BC Jan. Severe cold in Babylon
1320 Environment Unusual Weather 253BC Violent Storm in the Mediterranean
5298 Environment Unusual Weather 253BC Violent hail storm in Babylon
5245 Environment Unusual Weather 279BC Tempest, hail, severe cold, snow, during Gallic invasion of Greece
2843 Environment Insect Infestation 285BC Attack of locusts in Babylon
2709 Environment Unusual Weather 316BC Great rainstorm and hail floods Rhodes, city walls collapse, 500 killed
2707 Environment Animal Prodigies 332BC (Spr.) During siege of Tyre sea monster tossed up by large wave
2321 Environment Unusual Weather 338BC Lightning, divine fire disrupts siege of Cydonia
2699 Environment Hail 341BC Battle of the Crimisus
2825 Environment Tornados and Watersprouts 367BC Tornadoes in Babylon
2689 Environment Plasma Event 368BC Lightening and thunder from a clear sky at beginning of battle between Spartans, Arcadians and Argives
5209 Environment Animal Prodigies 373BC (Win.) For five days before great earthquake and tsunami, creatures flee region
5286 Environment Unusual Weather 377BC Battle of Satricum interrupted by severe rainstorm
2814 Environment Unusual Weather 384BC Multiple tornados in Babylon
5728 Environment Unusual Weather 400BC (Win.) Extreme cold at Rome, roads blocked, Tiber frozen
2673 Environment Unusual Weather 404BC (Win.) Heavy snowstorm associated with the Battle of Phyle
2670 Environment Unusual Weather 413BC Sep. 13 Escaping Athenians caught in torrential rain and massacred; End of the Sicilian Expedition
2669 Environment Unusual Weather 415BC (Aut.) Athens launches attack on Syracuse during terrible storm
1314 Environment Atmospheric Prodigies 461BC Rained flesh that did not turn bad
2642 Environment Unusual Weather 480BC Aug. 13 Battle of Artemisium: 1/3 of Persian fleet destroyed by 3 day storm
5171 Environment Drought 2300BC Adverse Climate Changes in Egypt, desertification
5173 Environment Dust/Ash Veil 2300BC Dust from unknown source
503 Celestial Comet 995AD Aug. A comet appears - Halleys?
436 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 979AD A blood-red object is seen in the sky with rays of various colors
437 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 926AD Fiery Lights in Northern Sky
496 Celestial Comet 905AD Oct. 20 A comet appears
494 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 904AD Lunar Eclipse
493 Celestial Comet 892AD Apr. 25 Hairy Star appears
492 Celestial Solar Eclipse 879AD Solar Eclipse
4953 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 817AD Feb. 5 Eclipse of the moon
1653 Celestial Comet 817AD Feb. 5 A comet resembling a sword is seen
4972 Celestial Sun activity 814AD A black spot is visible on the sun
610 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 814AD Lunar eclipses are frequent during the last years before Charlemagne's death
71 Celestial Solar Eclipse 814AD Solar eclipses are frequent during the last years before Charlemagne's death
430 Celestial Solar Eclipse 809AD Jul. 16 Solar Eclipse
427 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 806AD Sep. 2 Lunar Eclipse
4400 Celestial Other 806AD Jun. 3 A cross appears in the moon
426 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 802AD Dec. 19 Lunar Eclipse at Dawn
424 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 795AD Mar. 28 Lunar Eclipse
5011 Celestial Comet 768AD (Spr.) A broom star appears in the northeast during spring
2285 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 740AD Signs in the sun and the moon and in the stars appear before the death of Charles Martel
416 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 734AD Jan. 22 Lunar Eclipse
490 Celestial Solar Eclipse 733AD Aug. 14 Annular solar eclipse
488 Celestial Comet 729AD Jan. Two comets appear for 14 days to the great terror of the beholders
1759 Celestial Comet 684AD Sep. 6 Comet blamed for months of heavy rain, lightning, and deaths of many people and animals
138 Celestial Fire in the sky 679AD Fire from Heaven burned Coldingham, Scotland
137 Celestial Comet 676AD Aug. 15 A comet with a "pillar of radiant flame" visible for three months
1550 Celestial Solar Eclipse 664AD May 3 Solar Eclipse of 664
2276 Celestial Wrath of God 636AD Aug. 15 Before the Battle of Yarmouk, 52.000 in the army of Heraclius die "by the sword of God"
1704 Celestial Comet 607AD Oct. 21 A comet appears - Halleys?
4989 Celestial Comet 607AD Feb. 28 1P/Halley returns
2086 Celestial Solar Eclipse 603AD Aug. 12 A solar eclipse is observed when Bertoald was mayor of the palace to Theuderic
4258 Celestial Fire in the sky 600AD Fiery balls and a great number of glowing spears in the western skies
4260 Celestial Comet 595AD Jan. 9 A comet is seen
4259 Celestial Unspecified Prodigies 595AD Many signs are seen in the sky
2081 Celestial Solar Eclipse 592AD Mar. 19 A solar eclipse is observed from dawn to midday
2080 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 590AD A lunar eclipse is observed in Burgundy
2078 Celestial Falling Fire 586AD A fiery globe falls from the sky
1230 Celestial Comet 582AD Jan. 15 A bright comet is seen with a long tail like smoke
1220 Celestial Solar Eclipse 563AD Oct. 3 A solar eclipse with the sun discolored as sackcloth
4719 Celestial Fire in the sky 563AD Oct. 1 The heavens seem to burn
4718 Celestial Comet 563AD Oct. 1 A comet like a sword appears
404 Celestial Solar Eclipse 540AD Jun. 20 Solar Eclipse
725 Celestial Comet 539AD Dec. A comet with goodly length and very sharp at the point appears
406 Celestial Solar Eclipse 538AD Feb. 15 Solar eclipse
722 Celestial Comet 400AD Mar. 19 A comet of extraordinary magnitude
642 Celestial Comet 390AD Aug. 22 A Comet appears
639 Celestial Comet 363AD Aug. 26 A sparkling star comet is seen in Virgo, and thought to presage the death of the Roman emperor Jovian
615 Celestial Comet 363AD Aug. Comets are seen during the day, other bad omens
614 Celestial Solar Eclipse 360AD Aug. 28 Annular Solar Eclipse of 360
102 Celestial Solar Eclipse 347AD Solar eclipse
880 Celestial Solar Eclipse 346AD Solar eclipse
634 Celestial Comet 336AD Feb. 16 Comet of unusual size seen across the world
4168 Celestial Fire in the sky 333AD Dec. 25 Heaven blazes with continuous fire on the very night after Constans is elevated to the rank of Caesar at Constantinople
2383 Celestial Solar Eclipse 318AD Solar eclipse
312 Celestial Tunguska-like event 312AD Did a meteor over central Italy in AD 312 change the course of Roman and Christian history?
4596 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 136AD Mar. 5 Lunar eclipse
4595 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 134AD Oct. 20 Lunar eclipse
4594 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 133AD May 6 Lunar eclipse
2329 Celestial Comet 130AD Star of Antinous
4593 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 125AD Apr. 5 Lunar eclipse
253 Celestial Comet 79AD Mar. 22 Vespasian's comet
4529 Celestial Falling Fire 60AD "Chariots and troops" appear amongst the clouds
1710 Celestial Comet 60AD A comet is seen for an entire year
1406 Celestial Comet 60AD A comet runs across half the sky for six months
3084 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 4BC Mar. 13 Lunar eclipse, death of Herod the Great
1473 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 48BC Aug. 9 Fiery torch, thunderbolt, seen over Caesar's camp, falls on Pompey's camp
213 Celestial Comet 49BC Apr. 14 Guest Star, Bushy star, Cassiopeia; observed in China
1466 Celestial Meteor 49BC Meteor fire on and over Rome
1467 Celestial Solar Eclipse 49BC Solar eclipse in Rome
1280 Celestial Comet 49BC A terrifying star during the war between Pompey and Caesar
697 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 52BC A meteor from south to east
669 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 56BC A blaze of light from south to north; fireball
212 Celestial Comet 61BC Jul. 24 Bushy Star, sparkling star, eastern quarter; observed in China
1441 Celestial Comet 63BC Comet: A fiery javelin stretched to the sky from the west; firebrands seen in the west in the night time
2866 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 67BC Jan. 19 Lunar eclipse
209 Celestial Comet 69BC Aug. 20 Guest Star, Comet Swift-Tuttle
207 Celestial Nova 69BC Jul. 23 Guest Star, Nova, observed by Chinese
205 Celestial Nova 69BC Jan. 27 Bushy Star, Sparkling Star, western quarter near Venus; possible nova observed by Chinese
400 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 74BC Apr. 7 A large meteor in the process of breaking up is is sighted in China
1279 Celestial Comet 76BC In the western sky, comet with a terrible glare during the consulship of Gnaeus Octavius
2803 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 83BC Sep. Bright meteor observed in Babylon
123 Celestial Comet 83BC Tangle Star in Hercules observed in China
122 Celestial Comet 84BC Mar. 12 Sparkling Star observed in China
1308 Celestial Fire in the sky 86BC Fireball like "burning shield scattering sparks", observed in Rome
107 Celestial Comet 87BC Aug. 10 Comet Halley observed in Babylon and China
2854 Celestial Solar Eclipse 89BC Sep. 29 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
1298 Celestial Halo 90BC Red halo around the sun observed from Rome
5501 Celestial Falling Fire 91BC Ball of fire rolled down to earth, carried from the land to the East, covered the sun
1387 Celestial Tunguska-like event 91BC Possible Tunguska-like event or comet/asteroid impact in northern Italy
5496 Celestial Fire in the sky 94BC Comet or fireball observed in Rome; whole sky 'ablaze'
2880 Celestial Comet 94BC Comet and eclipse of Posidonius
106 Celestial Comet 102BC Bushy Star in Bootes observed in China
713 Celestial Comet 104BC Jul. 19 Comet during eclipse, Posidonius
2791 Celestial Falling Fire 106BC Feb. 28 Fall of fire observed in Babylon
2792 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 106BC Meteor followed by loud noise in the sky observed in Babylon
5490 Celestial Halo 108BC Double halo around the sun associated with pestilence in Babylon
104 Celestial Comet 108BC Bushy Star in Canis Minor, Gemini observed in China
2787 Celestial Halo 110BC Double halo around the sun observed in Babylon
101 Celestial Comet 110BC Bushy Star in Gemini, Ursa Major, observed in China and Babylon
2784 Celestial Solar Eclipse 112BC Jun. 18 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
1307 Celestial Tunguska-like event 113BC 'Night-suns’ seen in the consulship of Gaius Caccilius and Gnaeus Papirius
99 Celestial Comet 119BC May 8 Sparkling star, Long-tailed star observed in China
2783 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 119BC White torch flashed from East to West observed in Babylon
2782 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 120BC Jun. 1 A quaking from the sky during comet passage reported by Babylonians
97 Celestial Comet 120BC Feb. Comet burned brightly, filled a quarter of the heavens, sky seemed to be on fire
2778 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 123BC Bright meteor flashed from west to east
2773 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 125BC Exploding fireball observed in Babylon
2769 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 131BC Hail of small stones falls in Babylon
2765 Celestial Solar Eclipse 133BC Feb. 13 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
65 Celestial Comet 135BC Aug. 31 Giant comet stretched across the heavens at the birth of Mithradates; entire sky 'on fire'
64 Celestial Comet 135BC Jul. 3 Bushy Star
63 Celestial Comet 136BC Sep. 22 Comet 'spread out to unlimited size'; beginning of the reign of Attalus III
2761 Celestial Solar Eclipse 136BC Apr. 15 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
37 Celestial Comet 137BC May 28 Sparkling star in Hercules 'as if the Sun appeared at night' observed by Babylonians, Chinese, poss. Romans
36 Celestial Comet 137BC Apr. 9 Circumpolar Sparkling Star in Hydra observed by Chinese
5479 Celestial Falling Fire 137BC 'Fall of fire' from the sky observed in Babylon
5482 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 137BC (Spr.) Fireball observed from Babylon
5477 Celestial Falling Fire 140BC Rain of fireballs associated with eruption of Etna
2759 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 141BC Mar. Bright meteor with a tail observed by Babylonians
34 Celestial Comet 146BC Oct. Broom star, Bushy star observed in China
33 Celestial Comet 146BC Aug. Tangle Star observed in China
32 Celestial Comet 146BC May 13 Broom Star observed in China
2296 Celestial Tunguska-like event 147BC Wrath of God strikes Antioch; possible overhead comet explosion
24 Celestial Comet 148BC Apr. 29 Comet, Bushy star; observed in China
2757 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 150BC Jul. 2 Lunar eclipse
22 Celestial Comet 153BC Feb. Tailed Star Comet observed in China
21 Celestial Comet 154BC Sep. Broom Star observed in China
31 Celestial Comet 154BC Jan. Broom Star observed in China
18 Celestial Comet 157BC Oct. 2 Sparkling star with "trunk laid straight" observed in Babylon and China
16 Celestial Comet 162BC Sep. 5 Comet, and meteor observed in Babylon
17 Celestial Comet 162BC Feb. 6 Comet like a celestial magnolia tree observed in China; possibly Halley's
15 Celestial Comet 163BC Sep. Comet Halley observed from Babylon and possibly Rome
5330 Celestial Halo 163BC Sun surrounded by halo observed from Babylon
5334 Celestial Fire in the sky 163BC The sky blazed with fire
5329 Celestial Halo 163BC Moon surrounded by halo observed from Babylon
2751 Celestial Halo 165BC Oct. Sun surrounded by two halos observed from Babylon
2750 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 166BC Aug. A torch crossed the sky; fireball observed from Babylon to Rome
5344 Celestial Comet 166BC Sun was seen at night for some hours
5343 Celestial Wrath of God 166BC Temple of Salus was struck from the sky
709 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 168BC Fireball as big as the moon seen when Paulus was engaged in the war against Perseus; At Lanuvium a blazing torch was seen in the sky
2748 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 169BC Jul. 20 Bright meteor/fireball observed in Babylon
30 Celestial Comet 172BC Tailed Star Comet observed in China
2745 Celestial Falling Fire 176BC Falling fire observed in Babylon
2863 Celestial Solar Eclipse 195BC Jun. 6 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2739 Celestial Falling Fire 198BC Meteor falling to ground in Babylon
2736 Celestial Solar Eclipse 203BC May 6 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
29 Celestial Comet 204BC Aug. 14 Sparkling or Bushy Star near Arcturus
655 Celestial Tunguska-like event 204BC Shooting stars at intervals; great meteor blazed; sky lighted up at night; crashing sound
650 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 204BC Meteor shooting from east to west
2875 Celestial Falling Fire 210BC Jul. Meteor or fireball falls in association with a comet observed in Babylon
28 Celestial Comet 210BC Jun. Comet in the process of breaking up: "surrounded by stars"
2735 Celestial Falling Fire 211BC Jun. Meteor shower observed in Babylon; meteor impact in China
27 Celestial Comet 214BC Aug. Bright Star, Broom star in the West
1328 Celestial Fire in the sky 215BC Fire shone out at sea; possible plasma event or fireball
513 Celestial Comet 217BC Multiple comets: bright hair of more than one comet... showed its baleful glare
518 Celestial Tunguska-like event 217BC The heavens burst open with a fearful crash, and the countenance of the Thunderer was revealed.
517 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 217BC Bright meteors shot against Italy from the direction of Africa
1322 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 223BC Large fireball; light like day
2729 Celestial Fire in the sky 233BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
26 Celestial Comet 234BC Jan. Broom Star, and a great fall of fire, observed in China and Babylon
25 Celestial Comet 238BC May Broom Star stretched across the heavens, China
9 Celestial Comet 240BC May Broom star; Comet Halley
2726 Celestial Solar Eclipse 241BC Nov. 28 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2725 Celestial Solar Eclipse 242BC Jun. 15 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
399 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 245BC Feb. 14 Innumerable large and small meteors traveled westward, China
2723 Celestial Falling Fire 248BC Jan. Fall of fire outside of Babylonian territory observed from Babylon
2720 Celestial Solar Eclipse 249BC May 4 Solar eclipse observed in Babylon
2718 Celestial Solar Eclipse 254BC Jan. 31 Solar eclipse observed by Babylonians
2717 Celestial Solar Eclipse 256BC Sep. 16 Solar eclipse observed by Babylonians
2842 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 285BC Bright meteor, and "fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2840 Celestial Fire in the sky 292BC May Bright meteor with a tail, lighted up the ground, "let loose its flame", observed by Babylonians
2839 Celestial Falling Fire 294BC Very bright meteor with tail, fall of fire observed by Babylonians
170 Celestial Comet 296BC Broom Star, China
2838 Celestial Fire in the sky 300BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
4 Celestial Comet 303BC Broom Star, China, also recorded on the Parian marble of Greece
61 Celestial Comet 305BC Broom Star, China
2837 Celestial Falling Fire 307BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2836 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 309BC Bright meteor with a tail observed by Babylonians
2833 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 323BC Nov. Fireballs recorded by Babylonians, one like a "torch"
2855 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 327BC Jan. 14 Meteor with a tail observed by Babylonians
2700 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 331BC Oct. 1 Fireballs, portents decide fate of Persian Empire at Battle of Gaugamela
2912 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 331BC Sep. 20 Lunar eclipse eleven days before battle of Gaugamela
2830 Celestial Meteor or Meteorite 333BC Fireball illuminated ground recorded by Babylonians