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4166 Geology Earthquake 51AD Earthquake in Apamea
4530 Geology Earthquake 60AD Priests experience an earthquake during sacred ministrations
4524 Geology Earthquake 60AD Cities are destroyed by an earthquake during visit of a comet
4521 Geology Earthquake 67AD (Win.) Amazing concussions and bellowings of the earth
4553 Geology Earthquake 105AD Four cities of Asia and two of Greece overthrown by an earthquake
4555 Geology Earthquake 110AD Earthquake in Galatia
5067 Geology Earthquake 112AD Earthquake Palestine
4556 Geology Earthquake 113AD Jerome's Antioch earthquake
4523 Geology Earthquake 117AD Nov. 10 Earthquake during Hadrian's reign
2200 Geology Earthquake 128AD Nicopolis and Caesarea are ruined by an earthquake
2262 Geology Earthquake 178AD Smyrna is destroyed by an earthquake
4518 Geology Earthquake 331AD A very severe earthquake in Salamis/Cyprus kills a considerabe number
90 Geology Earthquake 335AD Earthquake in Cyprus, many places collaps
98 Geology Earthquake 344AD Earthquake in Neocaesarea
105 Geology Earthquake 348AD Earthquake in Beirut
620 Geology Earthquake 358AD (Sum.) Terrible earthquakes take place in Macedonia, Asia Minor, and Pontus, overthrowing mountains
285 Geology Earthquake 362AD Dec. 2 Nicomedia and Nicaea destroyed by an Earthquake
506 Geology Earthquake 375AD Nov. 19 Many cities in Greece severely shaken by an earthquake
4939 Geology Earthquake 400AD Grievous earthquakes overturning houses and entire cities from their foundations
5071 Geology Earthquake 419AD Earthquake Palestine
5069 Geology Earthquake 502AD Earthquake Palestine
5073 Geology Earthquake 660AD Earthquake Palestine
5072 Geology Earthquake 749AD Earthquake Palestine
611 Geology Earthquake 814AD The palace at Aix-la-Chapelle frequently trembles
4913 Geology Earthquake 876AD Earthquake in Byzantium, many towns destroyed
5081 Geology Earthquake 991AD Earthquake Palestine
4919 Geology Earthquake 1000AD Mar. 29 Severe earthquake all over the world
5074 Geology Earthquake 1068AD Earthquake Palestine
5080 Geology Earthquake 1202AD Earthquake Palestine
5076 Geology Earthquake 1212AD Earthquake Palestine
5075 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5077 Geology Earthquake 1293AD Earthquake Palestine
5082 Geology Earthquake 1312AD Earthquake in Palestine
5078 Geology Earthquake 1458AD Earthquake Palestine
5079 Geology Earthquake 1588AD Earthquake Palestine
5185 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 2300BC Land subsidence, Sri Lanka
5166 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 2300BC Earthquake and crustal warping in Anatolia, Black Sea, and Rhodes
5152 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 2300BC Earthquake Site destruction and abandonment in Palestine/Syria
5154 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 2300BC Site Destruction and abandonment in Mesopotamia/Iran
5157 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 1650BC Earthquake caused by Theran Eruption
5184 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 1175BC Earthquakes destroyed Bronze Age civilization
2413 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 760BC The Amos Earthquake
2879 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 228BC Severe earthquake in central Greece
5502 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 160BC Feb. 28 Earthquake and tsunami strikes Levant during Maccabean revolt
1881 Archeology Earthquake Evidence 5BC An earthquake destroys old Nisa and the settlements east of Bagir
5383 Society Economy 1300BC Urnfield Culture appears in Central Europe; grows out of Tumulus culture
69 Archeology Epidemic Mass Grave 430BC Plague of Athens thought to have been Typhoid
5393 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 2500BC Linear A writing system; Minoan language connected to Etruscan?
1632 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 1650BC Tempest Stele with meteorological data erected by Pharaoh Ahmose, dates eruption of Thera
5158 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 1650BC Worldwide effects of Theran Eruption - China
5349 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 715BC Archaeologists Find Biblical-Era Seal Of King Hezekiah In Jerusalem; winged sun and ankhs
4671 Archeology Epigraphic Evidence 155AD Pestilence in Yemen
5630 Society Expiation 485BC Supernatural portents expiated by punishment of Oppia, a Vestal virgin who was convicted of unchastity
5615 Society Expiation 483BC Following a series of portents the vestal virgin Oppia/Opimia was found guilty of a breach of chastity; buried alive
5632 Society Expiation 470BC Urbinia, a Vestal Virgin, tried and executed for unchastity
5727 Society Expiation 399BC First lectisternum held in Rome - banquest to appease the gods
5631 Society Expiation 337BC Minucia, a Vestal, tried for unchastity; convicted and buried alive near the Colline Gate
5619 Society Expiation 215BC Q. Fabius Pictor was sent to consult the oracle of Delphi
5618 Society Expiation 215BC Vestals Floronia and Opimia convicted of unchastity; one buried alive at the Colline Gate, other suicide
5620 Society Expiation 215BC A Gaulish man and a Gaulish woman and a Greek man and a Greek woman were buried alive under the Forum Boarium
5616 Society Expiation 114BC Vestal Virgins Aemilia, Licinia, and Martia buried alive for unchastity
393 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 190BC Shower of Earth from the sky
411 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 188BC Shower of Stones on the Aventine in Rome
431 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 186BC Shower of stones in Picenum
5327 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 168BC At Anagnia it rained earth
5340 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 166BC In Praenestine territory showers of blood fell
5339 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 166BC Rained earth in Campania
5335 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 163BC At Gabiae it rained milk
1313 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 114BC Sky rained milk and blood in the consulship of Manius Acilius and Gaius Porcius
5494 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 94BC Rain of stones near Rome
5495 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 94BC Rain of stones in central Italy
5498 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 91BC Rained stones for seven days in central Italy
1315 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 53BC It rained iron the shape of sponges in Lucania
676 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 52BC Many clods, stones, shards and blood went flying through the air
1316 Environment Fall of Unusual Objects 50BC It rained wool in the vicinity of Compsa Castle; rained bricks
5203 Celestial Falling Fire 975BC Terrible comet-like ball of fire seen over Ethiopia and Egypt
398 Celestial Falling Fire 687BC Mar. 23 Stars fall like rain, with rain, bright night without stars
5206 Celestial Falling Fire 388BC Thunderbolt falls killing several men
2815 Celestial Falling Fire 384BC A "fall of fire" recorded in Babylon
2821 Celestial Falling Fire 373BC Jul. A "fall of fire". Meteor shower or fireballs? Observed in Babylon
2822 Celestial Falling Fire 371BC Jul. A "fall of fire" to the ground observed in Babylon
2837 Celestial Falling Fire 307BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2839 Celestial Falling Fire 294BC Very bright meteor with tail, fall of fire observed by Babylonians
2723 Celestial Falling Fire 248BC Jan. Fall of fire outside of Babylonian territory observed from Babylon
2735 Celestial Falling Fire 211BC Jun. Meteor shower observed in Babylon; meteor impact in China
2875 Celestial Falling Fire 210BC Jul. Meteor or fireball falls in association with a comet observed in Babylon
2739 Celestial Falling Fire 198BC Meteor falling to ground in Babylon
2745 Celestial Falling Fire 176BC Falling fire observed in Babylon
5477 Celestial Falling Fire 140BC Rain of fireballs associated with eruption of Etna
5479 Celestial Falling Fire 137BC 'Fall of fire' from the sky observed in Babylon
2791 Celestial Falling Fire 106BC Feb. 28 Fall of fire observed in Babylon
5501 Celestial Falling Fire 91BC Ball of fire rolled down to earth, carried from the land to the East, covered the sun
4529 Celestial Falling Fire 60AD "Chariots and troops" appear amongst the clouds
2078 Celestial Falling Fire 586AD A fiery globe falls from the sky
5191 Society Famine 612BC Famine in Babylon reported with lunar eclipse observation
5192 Society Famine 610BC Famine in Babylon reported with lunar eclipse observation
5633 Society Famine 492BC Famine due to war
1106 Society Famine 439BC Famine in early Rome, Cincinnatus made dictator, Spurius Maelius murdered for trying to help the poor
2820 Society Famine 374BC Famine so severe people "sold" (ate?) their children in Babylon
2846 Society Famine 273BC Famine in Babylon, people sold their children (for food?)
2942 Society Famine 24BC Famine in Syria: People eat many things that did not used to be eaten
4559 Society Famine 162AD (Spr.) Famine after flood of the Tiber
4514 Society Famine 305AD Famine
4517 Society Famine 331AD An extremely severe famine in the east causes lootings
4938 Society Famine 400AD Famine
108 Society Famine 412AD Rome falls by intense famine
4936 Society Famine 874AD Famine in Constantiople
498 Society Famine 976AD Famine in England
4945 Society Famine 994AD Famine in Kievan Rus'
2838 Celestial Fire in the sky 300BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
2840 Celestial Fire in the sky 292BC May Bright meteor with a tail, lighted up the ground, "let loose its flame", observed by Babylonians
2729 Celestial Fire in the sky 233BC "Fall of fire" observed by Babylonians
1328 Celestial Fire in the sky 215BC Fire shone out at sea; possible plasma event or fireball
5334 Celestial Fire in the sky 163BC The sky blazed with fire
5496 Celestial Fire in the sky 94BC Comet or fireball observed in Rome; whole sky 'ablaze'
1308 Celestial Fire in the sky 86BC Fireball like "burning shield scattering sparks", observed in Rome
4168 Celestial Fire in the sky 333AD Dec. 25 Heaven blazes with continuous fire on the very night after Constans is elevated to the rank of Caesar at Constantinople
4719 Celestial Fire in the sky 563AD Oct. 1 The heavens seem to burn
4258 Celestial Fire in the sky 600AD Fiery balls and a great number of glowing spears in the western skies
138 Celestial Fire in the sky 679AD Fire from Heaven burned Coldingham, Scotland
1446 Environment Flood 54BC Tiber floods for many days; many people and animals killed, many buildings destroyed in Rome
2254 Environment Flood 162AD (Spr.) Flood of the Tiber
4941 Environment Flood 400AD Deluges of rain
335 Environment Flood 525AD Apr. 22 People drown in the great and sudden flood at Edessa
2077 Environment Flood 586AD Deluges flood Burgundy
4916 Environment Flood 991AD Severe flood and famine in Kievan Rus'
4918 Environment Flood 1000AD Severe flood in Kievan Rus'
4924 Environment Flood 1012AD Severe floods in Western Europe
2699 Environment Hail 341BC Battle of the Crimisus
4943 Environment Hail 400AD Rock-sized hail up to eight pounds falls in many places
2751 Celestial Halo 165BC Oct. Sun surrounded by two halos observed from Babylon
5329 Celestial Halo 163BC Moon surrounded by halo observed from Babylon
5330 Celestial Halo 163BC Sun surrounded by halo observed from Babylon
2787 Celestial Halo 110BC Double halo around the sun observed in Babylon
5490 Celestial Halo 108BC Double halo around the sun associated with pestilence in Babylon
1298 Celestial Halo 90BC Red halo around the sun observed from Rome
434 Society Human Prodigies 186BC A hermaphrodite about twelve years old was discovered, and by order of the soothsayers was put to death
5478 Society Human Prodigies 147BC A boy with three feet and one hand is born
4552 Society Human Prodigies 66AD "Divine fury" makes man shout "Woe, woe to Jerusalem!"
1420 Society Human Prodigies 359AD Birth of two-headed infant
4902 Society Human Prodigies 390AD A dwarf and a giant and other prodigies appear at the same time as the comet of 390
4911 Environment Ice 855AD (Win.) Unusual ice-slick in Black Sea region, Bulgaria, Byzantium
2843 Environment Insect Infestation 285BC Attack of locusts in Babylon
2728 Environment Insect Infestation 238BC Attack of locusts in Babylon
2731 Environment Insect Infestation 227BC May Attack of locusts in Babylon
2776 Environment Insect Infestation 124BC May Locusts, large and numerous
2799 Environment Insect Infestation 91BC Feb. Locusts in late winter in Babylon
509 Geology Landslide 217BC Mount Garganus, collapsing with tottering summit, overset its forests
2892 Geology Landslide 563AD A landslide causing a tsunami, 8 meters high, wipes out the old city of Geneva
5528 Society Laws and legal system 700BC Vestal Virgins; state supported priestesses
5693 Society Laws and legal system 497BC Dec. Temple of Saturn dedicated; first Saturnalia in Rome
5694 Society Laws and legal system 484BC Jul. Temple of Castor and Pollux dedicated
5695 Society Laws and legal system 480BC Tribune attempts to introduce land reform bill
5698 Society Laws and legal system 471BC Change in law of tribune elections to eliminate aristocratic manipulation
5700 Society Laws and legal system 460BC Riots in Rome over constitutional reforms, abuses of the aristocracy; exile of Caeso Quinctius
5715 Society Laws and legal system 455BC Lex Icilia distributes illegally held land on the Aventine to plebeians
5716 Society Laws and legal system 451BC Publication of the first ten of the Twelve Tables of law after agitation by plebeians
5534 Society Laws and legal system 367BC Lex Licinia Sextia passed to modify Roman patrician monopoly on power; abolish all forms of discrimination against the plebeians
5550 Society Laws and legal system 299BC Valerian law allowed a Roman citizen, condemned by a magistrate to death or scourging, the right of appeal to the people
5535 Society Laws and legal system 287BC Lex Hortensia final result of the long class struggle between patricians and plebeians
5226 Society Laws and legal system 272BC Creation of the Hebrew Bible Primary History
5557 Society Laws and legal system 215BC Lex Oppia: law against luxury and extravagance also oppression of women's rights to property and dress
5551 Society Laws and legal system 199BC Lex Porcia I: extended the right to provocatio (appeal) to locations outside of Rome
5552 Society Laws and legal system 195BC Lex Porcia II: right of Roman citizen to appeal a sentence of flogging
5558 Society Laws and legal system 195BC Repeal of Lex Oppia after mass demonstrations by the women of Rome
5577 Society Laws and legal system 191BC Lex Acilia de intercalando: authorized the pontifices to decree an intercalary period in order to prevent seasonal drift
5553 Society Laws and legal system 184BC Lex Porcia III: severe penalties for magistrates who refuse to grant provocatio (appeal)
5571 Society Laws and legal system 120BC Establishment of senatus consultum ultimum in Roman constitutional practice; tool used for oppression
5555 Society Laws and legal system 95BC Lex Licinia Mucia passed ejecting non-citizens from Rome or prosecuting 'false citizens'; triggered Social War
5617 Society Laws and legal system 73BC Fabia, chief Vestal acquitted of incestum with Lucius Sergius Catilina.
5604 Society Laws and legal system 63BC Mar. The trial of Gaius Rabirius (senator): involved in the death of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus
5562 Society Laws and legal system 59BC Gaius Antonius Hybrida (the monster) co-consul with Cicero; prosecuted and exiled for taking part in the Catilinarian conspiracy
4165 Society Laws and legal system 52AD Astrologers are expelled from Italy
5614 Society Laws and legal system 394AD College of the Vestals was disbanded and the sacred fire extinguished
2525 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 747BC Feb. 6 Lunar eclipse
5083 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 747BC Aug. 2 Lunar eclipse
5084 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 746BC Jan. 26 Lunar Eclipse
5085 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 746BC Jul. 22 Lunar eclipse
2608 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 721BC Mar. 19 Lunar eclipse
2609 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 719BC Mar. 8 Lunar eclipse
5086 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 719BC Sep. 1 Lunar eclipse
2516 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 714BC Oct. 24 Lunar eclipse, Sargon II of Assyria
2865 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 631BC May 24 Lunar eclipse
2619 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 620BC Apr. 21 Lunar eclipse recorded by Babylonians, analyzed by Ptolemy
2856 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 612BC Nov. 5 Lunar eclipse
2610 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 610BC Sep. 15 Lunar eclipse
2632 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 523BC Jul. 16 Lunar eclipse 7th year of Cambyses analyzed by Ptolemy
2633 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 502BC Nov. 19 Lunar eclipse 20th year of Darius, analyzed by Ptolemy
2636 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 491BC Apr. 25 Lunar eclipse, 31st year of Darius, Ptolemy
2661 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 425BC Oct. 9 Lunar eclipse recorded by Aristophanes
1271 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 413BC Aug. 27 Lunar eclipse caused Nicias to delay abandoning the siege of Syracuse leading to destruction of Athenian forces
2912 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 331BC Sep. 20 Lunar eclipse eleven days before battle of Gaugamela
2757 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 150BC Jul. 2 Lunar eclipse
2866 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 67BC Jan. 19 Lunar eclipse
3084 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 4BC Mar. 13 Lunar eclipse, death of Herod the Great
4593 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 125AD Apr. 5 Lunar eclipse
4594 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 133AD May 6 Lunar eclipse
4595 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 134AD Oct. 20 Lunar eclipse
4596 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 136AD Mar. 5 Lunar eclipse
2080 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 590AD A lunar eclipse is observed in Burgundy
416 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 734AD Jan. 22 Lunar Eclipse
424 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 795AD Mar. 28 Lunar Eclipse
426 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 802AD Dec. 19 Lunar Eclipse at Dawn
427 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 806AD Sep. 2 Lunar Eclipse
610 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 814AD Lunar eclipses are frequent during the last years before Charlemagne's death
4953 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 817AD Feb. 5 Eclipse of the moon
494 Celestial Lunar Eclipse 904AD Lunar Eclipse
5170 Society Mass Death 2300BC Adverse Climate Changes in Egypt, dynasty collapse, severe famine, cannibalism
2885 Society Mass Death 850BC Olympic Games restored to end long period of war and pestilence
2852 Society Mass Death 430BC (Sum.) Plague of Athens 1st outbreak
2346 Society Mass Death 428BC (Spr.) Plague of Athens 2nd outbreak
2655 Society Mass Death 426BC (Win.) Plague of Athens 3rd outbreak
2899 Society Mass Death 396BC (Sum.) Carthaginian plague during war against Sicily
2816 Society Mass Death 383BC Mar. Pestilence in Babylon
2685 Society Mass Death 379BC Violent plague killed many Carthiginians
1384 Society Mass Death 331BC Oct. 1 Battle of Arbela or Gaugamela, death of Darius, end of Persian Empire
507 Society Mass Death 255BC Jul. 4 Severe storm, destruction of Roman Fleet with massive mortality
2939 Society Mass Death 29BC A pestilential disease carries off the greatest part of the multitude
4686 Society Mass Death 24BC Famine leads to distempers and a pestilential disease in men
4164 Society Mass Death 50AD Pestilence in a frightful winter prevents invasion of Armenia
4562 Society Mass Death 189AD Up to two thousand die in Rome from last wave of the Antonine Plague in a single day
121 Society Mass Death 259AD Plague of Cyprian
504 Society Mass Death 270AD Aug. A plague causes widespread death
2304 Society Mass Death 312AD Innumberable deaths by famine and plague
2149 Society Mass Death 333AD An innumerable multitude perish from pestilence and famine in Syria and Cilicia
2278 Society Mass Death 630AD Bulgars are chased out of Pannonia and killed by Bavarians
4948 Society Mass Death 676AD A heavy pestilence follows the comet's appearance
497 Society Mass Death 962AD Great Mortality/Fever in 962
501 Society Mass Death 986AD Cattle and human pestilence
5424 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 10900BC Holocene extinction; The Sixth Extinction; Younger Dryas Impact Event
5164 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2300BC Site Destruction and abandonment in Anatolia (Troy incl.)
5182 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2300BC Earthquakes, crustal movement, floods, Indus Valley
5175 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2300BC Pre-Harappan civilization disappears from Indus region
5168 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2300BC Site Destruction and abandoment in southern and central Greece
5176 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2300BC Widespread site abandonment in Central Asia
5417 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2181BC First Intermediate Period of Egypt, Divided Egypt, famine, chaos
5169 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 2100BC Earthquakes in Anatolia
5183 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1900BC End of Harappan Civilization, floods, earthquakes
5467 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1806BC Ipuwer Papyrus, turmoil, arrival of the Asiatics
5354 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1200BC Late Bronze Age collapse; almost every significant city in the eastern Mediterranean world destroyed
5357 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1190BC Syrian Cities destroyed in conflagration during collapse of the Late Bronze Age
5361 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1190BC Cities of Anatolia destroyed during Late Bronze Age collapes; many never re-occupied
5360 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1190BC Cities of Cyprus destroyed during Late Bronze Age collapse
5355 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1190BC Mycenaean Greece perishes with the collapse of Bronze-Age culture in the eastern Mediterranean
5359 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1189BC Cities of the Levant destroyed by fire during Late Bronze Age collapse
5362 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1185BC Areas in Mesopotamia that marginally survived Late Bronze Age collapse
5356 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1180BC Hattusas burned to the ground; Hittite kingdom vanishes from the historical record
5646 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1150BC Collapse of the Terramare culture in northern Italy; settlements abandoned for several centuries
5363 Archeology Mass destruction of unknown origin 1070BC Egyptian empire falls during Late Bronze Age collapse
5172 Society Mass Migration 2300BC Exodus event?
5382 Society Mass Migration 1180BC Mushki appear in historical record, migrating from the West, following collapse of Late Bronze Age
5381 Society Mass Migration 1180BC Phrygians appear in historical record; migrate from southern Balkans to Anatolia upon collapse of Hittite empire
5095 Society Mass Migration 734BC Syracuse Sicily founded
5096 Society Mass Migration 734BC Naxus, Sicily founded
5124 Society Mass Migration 706BC Spartans found Tarentum
435 Society Mass Migration 186BC Gauls who had crossed the Alps into Italy were expelled without a battle
5442 Archeology Mass Migration Evidence 3200BC Ancient Irish ancestors came from Middle East, Pontic steppe
5177 Archeology Mass Migration Evidence 2200BC Harappan culture migrates from Western Asia to Indus region
5161 Archeology Mass Migration Evidence 1650BC Mass displacement of populations resulting from Theran eruption
5392 Archeology Mass Migration Evidence 950BC Dorian invasion hypothesis becomes Dorian migration and settling after collapse of Bronze Age
5375 Archeology Mass Migration Evidence 600BC The 1.4 kiloyear "Bond" event; mass migration period
689 Society Mass sickness 707BC Numa Pompilius, pestilence
5634 Society Mass sickness 470BC Pestilence attacked pregnant women killing both mothers and infants
5699 Society Mass sickness 462BC Epidemic in Rome; both consuls among the victims
5720 Society Mass sickness 435BC Epidemic in Rome during which Latins attack
5725 Society Mass sickness 410BC Pestilence and famine, social unrest over land reform
5729 Society Mass sickness 400BC (Sum.) Pestilential summer at Rome; deadly to man and beast; Sibylline Books consulted
5280 Society Mass sickness 383BC Pestilence in Rome
5207 Society Mass sickness 379BC "Supernatural disaster", turmoils and fears causing panic and discord in Carthage
5539 Society Mass sickness 365BC Deadly pestilence strikes Rome killing many important people including Camillus
2848 Society Mass sickness 266BC Epidemic with many deaths in Babylon
2758 Society Mass sickness 144BC Pestilence in Babylon
2790 Society Mass sickness 108BC Pestilence in Babylon affected humans and dogs
2793 Society Mass sickness 106BC Pestilence in Babylon
2797 Society Mass sickness 94BC Jul. Pestilence in Babylon; many deaths
4513 Society Mass sickness 305AD Plagues
4937 Society Mass sickness 400AD A pestilence strikes as has never occurred before within the memory of man
2076 Society Mass sickness 585AD An army is defeated by sickness
4256 Society Mass sickness 599AD Marseilles and other cities are devastated by plague
5195 Society Massacre 490BC Sep. 12 Battle of Marathon
5281 Society Massacre 381BC M. Furius Camillus' victory at Satricum
5268 Society Massacre 310BC Battle of Lake Vadimo; Romans vs. Etruscans; Rome acquires more territory
5267 Society Massacre 305BC Battle of Bovianum, end of second Samnite War, Rome acquires more territory
5266 Society Massacre 298BC Etruscans and Gauls invade Rome, Battle of Volterra
5265 Society Massacre 293BC Battle of Aquilonia; Romans vs. Samnites
5264 Society Massacre 291BC Capture and colonization of Venusia by Romans
5246 Society Massacre 279BC Gallic invasion of Greece, Battle of Thermopylae
2901 Society Massacre 277BC Gallic army destroyed by furies and ghosts; Battle of Lysimachia
5251 Society Massacre 218BC Dec. 21 Battle of the Trebia, Roman army massacred by Hannibal
1393 Society Massacre 217BC Jun. 24 Battle of Lake Trasimene; Hannibal massacres Roman army
7 Society Massacre 216BC Aug. 2 Battle of Cannae, Roman army massacred by Hannibal
5254 Society Massacre 215BC Roman consul, Postumius Albinus, beheaded; entire army destroyed by the Boii
11 Society Massacre 214BC Siege of Syracuse, Death of Archimedes
13 Society Massacre 202BC Oct. 19 Battle of Zama, Scipio Africanus vs Hannibal
5325 Society Massacre 168BC Jun. 22 Battle of Pydna: Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Publius Cornelius Scipio Nasica Corculum against Perseus of Macedon
73 Society Massacre 135BC Eunus and the First Servile War against Rome
5611 Society Massacre 105BC Oct. 6 Battle of Arausio: catastrophic loss of entire Roman army caused by Quintus Servilius Caepio
5493 Society Massacre 102BC Battle of Aquae Sextiae
5492 Society Massacre 101BC Battle of Vercellae
5508 Society Massacre 88BC May Massacre of Romans & Italici in Asia by Mithridates